Becoming Visible

It is an easy thing to write a hundred comments or like a thousand photos on social media, but to actually create something meaningful – something that contains your unique heartfelt perspective on the world – that is a difficult thing.

And because it is a difficult thing… few people do it.

And yet, it is something that can truly give meaning to your life and inspiration to others. 

How many people feel invisible in their lives, feel unknown by anyone, never understood. It is the source, I’m sure, of many mental health problems, not least my own.

When I walk along the street or make superficial smalltalk with someone at work, I often wonder what it is about this person that makes them a unique one of a kind person who will never exist again but in this one life. There are probably many such extraordinary things about each person that I meet and yet it is rare that we get to see the deeper side of people.

Certainly I have hidden parts of myself from the world. Being vulnerable provokes fear and like a snail I retreat and hide inside my warm, cosy shell. 

In solitude. 

Safe but invisible. 

Secure but unfulfilled.

I would like to encourage those people who are afraid to show those beautiful creative hidden parts of themselves to consider taking steps to becoming visible in the world. 

To write from the heart the things that are crying out to be said.

To create healing music, art, film, dance, food, and healing words that come direct from the heart.

And to do this we must dare to be seen. 

Some of the fragile parts of ourselves must be exposed so that we can pass on our bravery to the next person who can then, in turn, dare to become visible themselves.