Bowood Woodland Gardens

So, I must write about some of our recent walks before I drown in all the photographs that I want to share with you.

We were lucky to take a walk in nearby Bowood gardens recently. This is such a beautiful place to visit, it quite blows my mind. The walk is about 2 miles through landscaped plantings of mostly Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Magnolias and Bluebells which blaze in a firework display of colour..

The original plants were first introduced in 1854 by the 3rd Marquis of Lansdowne and the gardens now contain hybrids which were thought to be extinct. It must take a lot of loving care (not to mention funds) to maintain its brief but stunning loveliness.

The walk is only open for 6 weeks of the year when the flowers are in bloom so it can get quite busy, but there are many little winding paths that go off the beaten track so you could easily find yourself almost alone in a little glade that feels more like a magical fairy garden.