I feel like I’ve got out of the rhythm of blogging. Sometimes I think my time would be better spent doing other things, but when I stop for a while I miss it. I’ve seen these kind of  ‘currently I’m…’ posts on other blogs from time to time, so thought I’d try it to get back into the swing of things.

So lately I’m…

Reading… My course textbooks – my current module is interdisciplinary so we’ve been learning a real soup -mix of interesting things with a focus on the study of material culture: including museum and heritage studies, Greek vases, Pompeii, and the early modern book.

Browsing… A few Slow Cooking books from the library, looking for some good Autumnal recipes that I can set going in the morning to be ready later in the day without too much bother. Because when it comes to cooking, I am lazy 🙂

Cooking… This recipe for lentil and cauliflower curry today… that should warm us up!

Baking… Mince pie tart to use the mincemeat jars leftover in the cupboard.

Watching… the wonderful BBC series The Secret Life of Books (some episodes are available on i-player).

Gazing… out the window at the leaden skies, the rain, the messy sodden garden that really needs tidying up if only it would dry up for a while.

Disappointed… at not getting a job I interviewed for last week at the local history centre.

Considering… getting the paints out later and having a doodle while listening to Chris Evans breakfast show on playback to cheer myself up.

Wondering… whether I have time in my days to fit in any knitting or crochet, and whether it’s worth starting something that may take me months to finish. So many inspiring blog posts lately, like Melissa, Jennifer and Christina’s lovely creations, I only wish I had more time. I’m still very new to crochet so might try something simple like maybe this blanket?

Loving… this format to write a blog post. Sometimes I find it so difficult to start, but when I have a structure to work around it makes it so much easier.

It’s supposed to get down to minus degrees here at the weekend, and I have a trip to Bristol for a day-school planned… better dig out my scarf and gloves! Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.

Kim x