Christmas wishes


The tree is up and twinkling with lights. The presents wrapped beneath it. It will be a very quiet Christmas this year. There are no complaints about that!
I made an advent calendar inspired by so many on the Internet and Emily and I have been enjoying our Christmas baking. This is one of my favourite traditions at this time of year.
In the photo above are Salted Caramels. We’ll also make Peppermint Bark, peanut butter kiss cookies.
 I just wanted to wish you all a peaceful Christmas and thank you for reading and commenting here over the past year.
Warm wishes to you all,
Kim xxx

7 thoughts on “Christmas wishes

  1. I hope you had a Happy Christmas Kim! This post has only just showed up in my email so that’s why I haven’t commented earlier. Your salted caramels look so delicious and perfect! The Christmas I have in my head is so different to the reality! I never have time to bake all the things I would like to but managed to make some chocolate, goji berry and lime bark for my Auntie. I look forward to visiting you in the coming new year. x

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    1. Thank you Simone. Sorry I am so long in replying to your comment, my computer died over Christmas and I have, at last, a new one. The Christmas bark you made sounds delicious, I love the mix of lime and chocolate, they are a perfect pairing I think. Happy New Year to you!


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