Raindrops on Roses




The weather is so changeable at the moment it’s hard to keep up – from the deepest blue sky with flecks of cloud, to the darkest grey, thunderclaps and torrential downpours. I have been doing a kind of rain dance with the laundry – peg it out, run to bring it all in, peg it out once again – on repeat all day long.

Besides the raindrops on roses, a few other favourite things right now:

  • sifting through old photographs
  • a bundle of reserved books collected from the library
  • planning and packing for a trip to Brighton
  • juicy ripe yellow tomatoes picked from the garden
  • summer walks
  • a flurry of blue butterflies on the common (apparently the collective noun for butterflies is ‘swarm’, though I think I prefer flurry)
  • listening to J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations: “a miniature study in elegance and other-worldly serenity” and trying to absorb some of that serenity via osmosis.

Have a lovely week. xx

3 thoughts on “Raindrops on Roses

  1. I love the word osmosis! A flurry of butterflies is good and also a flutter of butterflies! The weather is changeable here also and I too have been doing a rain dance with the washing – in out in out shake it all about! It is sunny now but the cooler wet weather is due back tomorrow and Wednesday. I hope you enjoy your trip to Brighton. I haven’t visited there for years. I used to like to wander around the lanes. x

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