Time to Breathe… and Paint… and Read

Cobweb illustration, spiral spun
Spiral Spun – Watercolour on Paper

Each season brings its own wonders, and there is much to enjoy at this time of year. The weather has been changeable here, but often warm enough to work in the garden or just sit with a cup of tea and enjoy the peonies and celandines that are flowering right now.

Today is my daughter’s 15th birthday, so we had a special breakfast of warm bagels, frothy coffee and cloudy apple juice while she opened her presents this morning. She received a lot of books as she reads almost as much as I do, and I have planned a trip to Brighton this summer – our first time away for several years.

Then my youngest son’s birthday is on Saturday and he will be 18! I can barely believe that I will have 2 adult children. (I’m still struggling to be a grown up myself).

I am relieved to have finished my last assignment of this school year. Apart from an exam in a couple of weeks (best not think about that), there are no more essays until October. I do, strangely perhaps, enjoy writing essays. But at the same time, they do tend to take over your life, so I am glad of the break. I will have more time to paint and do other non-course related things for a few months.

Has anyone watched the new Netflix series ‘Anne with an E’? Emily and I have finished all the episodes and thought it was absolutely wonderful – the cast and writing is superb and the opening credit sequence is one of my most favourite ever. I do wish there were more uplifting films and shows like this available. As evident in the unspeakable events in Manchester last night, there is enough horrific violence and heartache in the world without being constantly bombarded with it in our entertainment.

I just wanted to say thank you, dear readers, for continuing to stop by here and for your kind comments. My posting has been erratic lately due to many obligations, but I hope to settle into a better rhythm over the summer months and I do appreciate every single word from you. Have a lovely week x

3 thoughts on “Time to Breathe… and Paint… and Read

  1. Happy Birthday to your son and daughter. My son turned 18 last year! He is much more like an adult than I am!!! I love your watercolour above and the highlight for me is the beautifully detailed bee! Good luck with your exam. I hope that you do well. I look forward to reading more of your posts this Summer. Hopefully we will both have more time to post throughout the summer months. x


  2. I hear ya! Mine will be 18 in a week, and I love the sound of your birthday breakfast. As much as I occasionally miss the excitement of small children, it really is nice when they are older and you can connect on a new level and share interests. Good luck with your exam 🙂


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