Nature’s Art

Watercolour Leaves

Years ago when I first started blogging, I did so because I had started to learn to draw and paint and I wanted to share my attempts as a way to encourage myself to keep going as well as sharing some of the beauty of nature as much as my beginning efforts allowed.

I’ve kind of veered away from making art over the last year, and I’ve noticed my life is the lesser for it. I miss collecting small treasures of leaves, acorns and stones from the garden or while walking and trying to present what I see with paper, line, shape, colour. Lately I’ve been returning to the practice. I have some beautiful books on botanical and natural history illustration by Rosie Martin that I am working through. It takes continual effort to not get frustrated with my lack of skill and to focus on the process, but I’m getting there.

I intend to return to sharing more of my drawings and paintings here, along with a few words in the form of a nature journal or a poem or short story. I’d like to keep notes on the weather, wildlife, flora, and other aspects of the natural world. There is so much happening that we miss if we don’t pay attention. And life’s too short not to pay attention.

11 thoughts on “Nature’s Art

  1. I have always wanted to be able to draw..sketch..watercolor….but have never known where to begin…good for you….perhaps your efforts will inspire me to try…..thanks for sharing….I love your leaves at the top of the page.


  2. Don’t feel pressure to do it Kim. Just do it because you feel the need to. Your work can be just for you to see until you want to share. As I mentioned on a previous post on my blog – practice makes progress! x


  3. They are lovely! And I agree, we miss so much. I dabble a little, I like to draw/paint/pastel the sky. Pretty simplistic stuff, but it’s relaxing, and makes me appreciate dawns and sunsets so much more with the attention it makes me pay to them 🙂

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