Knitting in the Garden




A few hours spent knitting in the garden. Is there any better way to while away an afternoon? I’ve been making a pair of grey wrist-warmers. I used the exact same pattern last year in a pair for Emily which I gave to her for Christmas. I knew I’d have to make a pair for myself eventually.

The pattern is based on the Wrist Warmers with Picot Edge by Drops Design although I made them slightly longer and left a gap in the side for the thumb. I used Annell Rapido acrylic yarn, which is lovely and soft and doesn’t have that slightly plastic feel of some acrylics.

So, I’m all set for the chillier days, or maybe I could do with a scarf as well? I have just got started on some knee-length socks – a request from Emily. But I would also like to crochet a blanket this winter. Decisions decisions – but the nicest possible kind.

8 thoughts on “Knitting in the Garden

  1. Your wrist warmers look lovely Kim. It is still mild here in Enfield so hard for me to think of winter woollies just yet! I know what you mean about the plastic feel of some acrylics – kind of squeaky when you stretch the fibres. I hope you get to spend prolonged hours in the garden enjoying the best of the autumn sunshine . x

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  2. Thanks Simone, It only takes a drop of a few degrees for me to feel the cold, so I’ll be glad of them soon enough! Definitely enjoying these mild Autumn days 🙂 x


  3. I’ve never been able to knit well as I’m all fingers and thumbs with the needles and am more likely to poke myself in the eye than actually produce anything! I crochet but do admire people who can knit with ease. And knitting feels much better to the touch than crochet. Your wrist-warmers look good. 🙂


  4. The wrist warmers look so lovely Kim – am definitely going to look up the pattern. Sitting knitting in this early autumn sun has to be one of life’s real pleasures. Xx


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