A Crochet Cushion and Bedroom Makeover






While Emily was away at camp in the summer, I re-decorated her room as a surprise for her. Her walls have been candyfloss pink for several years, and her tastes have matured so I decided to go with a clean white… with a little inspiration from her Pinterest boards. It was hard work, but at the same time, I enjoyed dropping everything else and focusing on just this one thing.

So in the mornings and afternoons I painted walls, ceiling and trim with several coats of white, I put up new shelving for her growing book collection and painted those – (the shelves not the books, of course!). I painted her mirror, and bought a new lamp and a lightshade made of grey-white shell, put up extra hooks to hang schoolbags and clothes on and new voile curtains. And in the evenings I crocheted! You can see her favourite bedcover above has a geometric triangle design in white, greys and coral and I thought I would try to match that with a cushion to go in the corner.

I was pleased to find a pattern for just what I wanted to make on this website: Solstrikke. It  took me almost the entire week to finish this pillow and I couldn’t get the final row of overlapping crab stitch around the outside to look quite right so I left that out in the end. But overall I’m pleased with it. I learnt to crochet just last year, and this is the first time I have followed an actual ‘proper’ pattern. After that I got a bit carried away with the crochet and made a freehand new cover for her desk chair.

To finish it off, I strung a row of white fairy lights from bookshelf to window and voila – all finished! A very tired, but happy girl when she got back from camp, and a self-satisfied mum who needed a week to rest from all the exertion!


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