Life’s Little Pleasures

Flow Magazine and Womankind Magazine

Do you subscribe to any magazines? Although I don’t buy any on a regular basis, I do like to pick up a magazine from time to time. A food or craft publication in the run up to Christmas, or a few in the summer holidays to read on the train, or at the beach.

A couple of my favourite UK magazines are The Simple Things and the crafty Mollie Makes, but this summer I was delighted to discover, a couple of new (to me) magazines that were love at first sight!

The first is Flow magazine. This is a Dutch publication that celebrates ‘creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasures’ and includes beautifully decorated papers that you can remove and use. It is not overwhelmed with adverts which usually turns me off a lot of magazines, but includes well-written articles and inspiration about artists and what it is to live well. It is like a breath of fresh air – as if to say – here – take some time to play and look after yourself.

The other is Womankind magazine from Australia. This one is ad-free – what a welcome relief. No subtle pressure to buy anything, but a wealth of interesting reads that encourage us women to reconnect with those things that give our lives meaning and enable us to live wisely. The design is absolutely beautiful (just to look at the illustrations and photographs is enough) and each issue is themed on a different country. The one I bought recently was based on Egypt and includes articles such as what we can learn from the ancient Egyptians about Living more Wisely, The Chore Wars, Letters from Cairo, The Lost Queen, The Curse of the Pyramids, On Duality, and Goddess of Nature.

I’m beginning to sound a bit like an advert here myself, though I am not affiliated with either of these magazines. I know they are in the business of making money like any other magazine, but I think these two have really made this kind of publishing into something meaningful and worthwhile. There was no icky feeling that I was being manipulated, or sold the same old same old with just a different catchy title. So I just wanted to recommend them, and if anyone else has any other recommendations of magazines that are similarly original and genuine, I’d love to hear about them.

‘The Mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.’

~ Plutarch

16 thoughts on “Life’s Little Pleasures

  1. I think your magazine recommendations are my cup of tea Kim! I am so bored of the run of the mill magazines and am always interested to know what else is out there. I like to read something thought provoking or that teaches me something and those two magazines look like they would do just that. I have not bought Somerset Studio magazine for some years but I think it is one you would enjoy – focusing on the art of paper and mixed media and published by Stampington and Company. They also publish many art and crafting titles from paper crafting and scrapbooking to jewellery and art-to-wear. They are American based and although they are expensive they are magazines to keep and look at time and time again. x

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    1. I’ve heard of Somerset Studio magazine, but not seen it for sale over here… I’ll keep a look out for it.
      These 2 were quite pricey, but I don’t mind paying it as a treat occasionally if they are worth it 🙂


  2. Kim, I ordered Somerset Studio from UK based Stamp Addicts some years ago but it looks like it has gone up in price considerably since I last bought it! Another two good ones available from Sainsbury’s larger stores are Land Love (which you probably already know) and Daphne’s Diary. Daphne’s Diary is published 8 times a year (well it was in 2014!) in the Netherlands. It is a lovely quality magazine with unusual artwork, interiors, gardens, recipes,outings etc. I blogged about it in 2014 if you want to know more 🙂

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    1. Thank you Simone! I’ve not heard of either of those, they look interesting from a brief look at their websites. I will look for your post. I know of the US magazine Taproot from reading Soulemama and that sounds like a wonderful read too. I will look for those you mentioned next time I go into WHSmith, and see if they stock them there 🙂


  3. I have bought flow once but it’s quite pricey over here. I liked it though. I haven’t bought the other one you mentioned but I’ve seen it on our shelves at barnes and noble book store. I do receive Taproot subscription and enjoy that one.

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  4. I do buy flow from time to time, mostly when I need some beautiful stationery 🙂 I like the lack of adverts too. My biggest weakness are cooking magazines though. Oh, and one magazine I buy each month (should really subscribe to it actually) is Roots. I’m so in love with the photography in it and Little Boy and I love to read about all kind of animals and plants.

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    1. I don’t buy cooking magazines very often – I prefer using books. But I do like to buy one or two at Christmas time – seeing the pictures always gets me in the festive mood 🙂


  5. Hi Kim, both these magazines look and sound lovely. Adverts really are annoying and there are usually so many in the mainstream magazines. Honestly, I would rather pay a bit more for a magazine without them. One magazine I buy sometimes is called Landscape. It has some lovely articles, recipes, gardening, crafts and the like, I think you would enjoy it. Plus, it only has a few adverts.

    Happy reading, Jane xx

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  6. I know what you mean about magazines being full of adverts and all being quite samey it is one of the reasons I have stopped buying them. I haven’t read one for a long long time. I will have to look out for these two as they sound like my cup of tea did you buy them locally or did you have to order them?

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  7. I’ve not seen either magazine before but they both look very interesting. What appealed was the definite lack of adverts – it can distract from the good articles and stories.

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