August Writing Prompts

August Writing Prompts

I have got a little out of step of late. The world and life knocks you about from time to time and the rhythm of our lives gets disrupted. I crave routine these days. I am finding more and more that I do not need so much excitement and adventure in my life. Being at home and living in gentle rhythm is just fine by me.

Days filled with reading, writing, knitting, sewing, preparing food, laundry, playing with paints, drawing, playing and talking to my children, long walks, planting seeds, weeding, household chores (okay, I could do without so much of the cleaning, haha).

Is this turning away from the world – burying my head in the sand? Perhaps it is. All I know is that, for me, it is a needful thing. It is that or choke to death on my own despair (a little melodramatic maybe, but not so far from the truth). For me it is not so much a turning away as a turning towards. Towards those things where I can have a direct impact on my life and the lives of those I love.

When I am focused on the news and current events that are taking place far away, my attention has been withdrawn from where I actually am. I might not be truly listening to the people I am with, or able to discern that poem that is bubbling up inside me right now, or notice if a neighbour needs someone to walk their dog when they’re ill, or what letter I could write to my local council that could make a small difference. There is always something that needs my attention right nowΒ . When my attention is on the latest world news, it is not here where I can actually take action.

I’ll still keep a distant eye on what is happening in the world so that I can make informed decisions for voting and suchlike. But otherwise, I’m making a conscious choice to get up close with the personal.

These writing prompts are a move to that end. Writing in my journal over the years has been an enriching part of my life. I find I write best when I do not have a prescribed subject but just a word or an image to spark the flow of whatever needs to come forth that day. I’ll share some of what I’ve written here on my blog and maybe if you’d like to join me you could link to your own posts or share your thoughts in the comments.

Not that what I write need always be deep and meaningful. But just the regular rhythm of writing brings me closer to the soul, closer to what life’s all about. And heaven knows we all need a little more of that.

Kim x

21 thoughts on “August Writing Prompts

  1. oooooo! writing prompts!i have a weakness for writing prompts. πŸ™‚

    as you might have guessed, i absolutely understand where you’re coming from. it all begins at home, i think — love, nurture, tend — and from there, the ripples travel to the wider places. it’s so easy to become overwhelmed by what we have no control over…better yet, to empower ourselves [and the people around us] with what we *can* accomplish.

    thank you for posting the prompts….:) xo

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    1. It’s true how easy it is to become overwhelmed. I find I have to make the decision over and over again to bring myself back to what I can do right now… instead of overthinking and getting in a state about it. Thank you for your comments πŸ™‚


  2. “I am finding more and more that I do not need so much excitement and adventure in my life…” Words right out of my mouth !!!
    I used to equate routine with boring, staid, non-adventurous but more and more I am finding out that routine is what gives you time or just do the things you really want to do … to seek adventure if you want to – because the staid, ‘must do, ‘have to do’ chores have all been taken care of with a steady routine πŸ™‚ and you can engage in leisure activities with no guilt of work undone.

    Great post. Maybe I will get into the routine of a daily write as well. Best in your efforts.

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  3. Thanks for the writing prompts Kim. I feel just as you do about life at the moment. I have become so consumed with World events and atrocities that I have become so despondent and actually quite angry too about the things I cannot control in my life. I think I need to focus on friends and family and things closer to home and put my life into perspective once more. Lots more creating, drawing, observing nature, gardening and connecting back with the ‘old me’. x

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    1. Yes to all those things you mentioned Simone πŸ™‚ I have to say, I am enjoying watching some of the olympics though – a welcome change from the horrifying news stories of late.


  4. I like the phrase ‘regular rhythm’, it takes away from what some might call boring! It’s what is helping me to survive on a daily basis right now. Seems we’re not alone in that xx

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  5. a beautiful post Kim, that really resonated. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and that idea that others are craving the same comfort of routine and home is reassuring. Good luck with your writing, I shall look forward to popping back and sharing in your progress.

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  6. A really lovely and thoughtful post, Kim…thank you.

    I think we can all just feel so unable to help with the big issues, so helping where we can, locally and within our own family, makes us feel like we can make a difference…and it does make a difference.

    Thanks for the prompts.

    Have a lovely weekend xx

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  7. I have been doing the same Kim. My radio is mostly silent these days. My news feed unread. I too have turned toward craving that rhythm and am far happier too. I don’t think it makes us into ostriches we can and will turn outwards when we need to. Thank you for these prompts. I love this kind of thing and whilst I don’t keep a journal I love to write words in my head and on my blog.

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    1. I am with you in turning towards silence more these days – or if not silence, then at least the gentle sounds of nature – the wind, the birds, the rain – and maybe some wordless music. These are all the noise I can take right now. Take care xx


    1. I suppose it is about not needing to try so hard – give ourselves permission to relax and enjoy our lives a bit more… even the parts we thought we didn’t enjoy take on new meanings if we let them. Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚


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