Zen Kitty



Cats love to sit in the most peculiar places, don’t they? At least this one does.

Bo is absolutely adored in this house. It is hard to imagine that a cat could get more attention than this one. Jay, Emily and I dote on her every minute that she deigns to come home and grace us with her presence. She revels in all the attention she receives. We just love her funny behaviours. She sits sometimes and stares at the wall for several minutes, or jumps up randomly at nothing in particular.

She both hates and is fascinated by running water. Her favourite places to sit are in any kind of basket or vaguely round-shaped thing that she can squeeze herself into. Another favourite spot is on top of my computer. Then she’ll look up at me, as if daring me to move her, with that ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ kinda face. She knows very well she can get away with pretty much anything she likes. She does this especially when I have an assignment due – it’s as if she has a sixth sense about these things. Not only Zen kitty, but psychic kitty too 🙂

6 thoughts on “Zen Kitty

  1. She is lovely. I like her peeking out from behind the potted plant. If it is stormy my cat will run from one end of the garden and back like he has the wind up his tail! I think it is spooky when they seem to be fixated on something and there is nothing to be seen! x


  2. They are funny creatures aren’t they Simone. My previous cat used to have mad episodes of racing around the house at full speed as if something was chasing her. It is a bit spooky!


  3. She is absolutely gorgeous. She sounds so like the last cat my parents had, she used to sleep in waste bins and the bidet in the bathroom. She was fascinated by running water too, in fact all of the lovely photos you took could of been her, she looked like her too! I love cats and would have one tomorrow my husband hates them………


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