Tales from the Garden



It is that time of year again, when every plant in the garden doubles in size if I so much as turn my back – that goes for the weeds as well. I have just spent the last few hours uprooting ground elder and the dried dead remains of spring’s forget-me-nots, and pulling great handfuls of herb robert and cleavers that were intertwining with and choking the shrubs. There are still plenty left for making herbal teas… it’s been a while since I dried some herbs so I look forward to getting on with that soon.

The wee fella in the nest at the top was rescued from the darned cat who’d deposited it on the lawn. She sat there proudly as if we would come and congratulate her fine hunting skills! Instead, she was promptly scooped up and locked in the house while we searched in vain for the little bird’s nest. The blue tit chick was yet too young to fly, so we made a nest in a bowl and wedged it high up in the hedge in the hope its parents would come and feed it. Sadly he didn’t make it to the next morning.

The fruit and veg are coming along nicely. We’ve had a couple of handfuls of strawberries and there are hundreds of blackcurrants ripening on the bushes. The fruiting cherry is a disappointment this year, only a few small fruits forming when last year we had so many. I think I may have to transplant it out into the garden rather than leave it in the pot it’s been in the past few years. It no longer seems happy where it is, perhaps the roots are restricted.

We’ve been eating salad leaves and leeks. My favourite way to eat leeks is to slice them and boil them in the same pan as potatoes, then mash them altogether with butter – delicious!  The kale, beetroot and chard are suffering from the onslaught of slugs, but putting on a brave face.

The flowers are always a joy to see at this time of year. The iris, celandines, foxgloves, fragrant sweet peas and roses are all in bloom. It’s nice to be able to go out and pick a jam jar full of sweet peas to brighten the kitchen table every few days.

I’m afraid with all the rain we’ve had lately, the garden is a bit neglected. I’m regretting leaving it so long. The brambles grow over the fence from my neighbour’s garden and it’s such a tricky job cutting them all back, my arms are scratched to pieces. It’s good work though. The plants are no longer being strangled by the weeds. My body’s aching, but it’s a worthy kind of ache. I’ll sleep well tonight 🙂

20 thoughts on “Tales from the Garden

  1. You have so much going on in your garden. We are growing lettuces for the first time this year and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. We just had some with our dinner tonight. Good for you rescuing that baby bird. He is really small and sweet. I hope you have a good week ahead.

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  2. Hi Kim! Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my Linden Grove blog. You have a wonderful blog and I am glad that I have found you too! I look forward to using the word prompts when I feel like writing and having a good look through your past posts when time permits. Please do keep in touch . I have written over 900 posts in 8 years and hopefully you will find topics of interest if you want to search through any of them using the words list in my side bar. I am sad about the little bird in your top photo but you did all you could to make him comfortable and safe from predators. I’ve neglected my garden too this year – just far too much rain. I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend! 🙂

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    1. Hi Simone, yes I hope to look through more of your posts soon.

      More rain again today, so no gardening for me. Thanks for taking the time to stop by 🙂


  3. I thinking about sticking a cow bell on my cat, nothing else seems to work! Although, our recent blue-tit experience worked out better, there is a lady nearby who hand-rears them and I caught the cat just as she was approaching the stranded baby on the lawn, and hadn’t yet got her teeth into it. That is so rarely the case 😦

    Your garden looks lovely, very lush and green!

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    1. We couldn’t get the poor thing to eat or drink anything, maybe it was too young. I’d love to know how to hand-rear them but couldn’t find any information that worked.

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      1. I think it’s something that’s come with years of trial and error, the lady puts a soggy dog-foody paintbrush almost down their throats to start off with, and she has lots of birds in an aviary so is good at handling them. I know from times when we lived elsewhere and I tried to help it didn’t go well, I hope she passes on her special skills!


  4. A simply perfect summer post, Kim. Your so descriptive in detail that I can envision you, your garden, and I enjoy my leeks with potatoes too. Excellent photos. Your up close perspectives are always my favorites. It is difficult to ‘save’ baby birds. I have certainly lost more than I have saved. Thank you. 🐞


  5. Seems we’re all in the same (garden) boat this year! I’ve been tackling the Spring flowering plants – yes, I really am that behind!- but am trying not put myself under time pressure. So, I get out there when it’s a good idea, even if that means seven am or pm! Xx

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    1. Sometimes the early morning and late evening are the most pleasant times to be in the garden. More peaceful and cooler too. Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment Pam. 🙂 x


  6. Hello Kim, I live that way you write about your garden. I found a dead baby blue tit in the garden the other day, sadly he’d flown into the window, but just imagine if every blue tit made it to adulthood. I think 2016 will go down as the year of the weed!


  7. What a busy garden you have, Kim! Oh, that poor little blue tit, at least you tried to help.

    I am glad your veggies are putting on a brave face, that line did make me smile!

    Enjoy the rest of summer in your lovely garden xx


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