30 Days Wild: Ant Colony


I lifted my garden parasol the other day to find this intricate ant kingdom beneath it. It’s quite a work of art with its labyrinthine passageways don’t you think?

I did feel guilty for upsetting the hundreds of ants who went a little crazy on finding themselves exposed to the daylight. However, they have since taken up residence on the lawn and seem to have settled into making their new home.

These were black ants or Lasius Niger. If you look closely you can see the larvae. It won’t be long before some of them grow wings and take flight to make new nests elsewhere.


6 thoughts on “30 Days Wild: Ant Colony

  1. We used to put honey on a large rock (quite a distance from the house) for the ants. We drizzled it in words and as the ants drank, we photographed them. I think they acclimatise to new situations quite well.

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  2. That’s wonderful. Don’t think I’ve seen the inside of a natural ant’s colony before. I’m trying to memorise that pattern – it’s a good one for permaculture design, lots of paths without losing growing space!! (A principle of permaculture is to make use of patterns you find in nature and I really like this one!!)

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