Vincients Wood




We recently took a wander through a small ancient wood in the nearby town of Chippenham. It is our nearest wildlife trust site, and I was amazed to have never been there before as it was only about a mile from where I grew up.

Hidden and completely enclosed by dual carriageway and housing estates, it is surprising this little gem of woodland survives at all.

The trees, oak, ash and maple form a canopy, muffling some of the outside sounds. A robin hopped from tree stump to hawthorn as we wandered down the overgrown paths.

Despite the noise of the nearby road, it is still a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours. The air was cool and clean and otherworldly, the wood anemones were in flower and the ground was wet through with the smell of damp wood and crumbling leaves.


5 thoughts on “Vincients Wood

  1. Kim, this is gorgeous! Last year we found some trails we’d not been to before, and the one picture above, that looks like a ‘lean-to’ is very similar to one I found on Muller Pond Trail! The trails are part of an Environmental Preserve.

    Great post! Thanks for bringing us this gift!

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  2. I love these little pockets of wildlife they are really special aren’t they. I found a wonderful RSPB reserve in the small triangle where the M5 meets the M6 it is a much nicer place to stop for a break on our journey than the motorway services!


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