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Blueberry ClafloutisVegetable PaellaRoasted Tomatoes

Kitchen WindowsillSauerkrautChelsea BunsTomato Soup

A couple of weeks ago I enrolled on an online course called Whole Food Kitchen. It is run by Heather of the beautiful blog that I have followed for many years called beautythatmoves. The course is an in-depth journey to transforming your kitchen and eating habits towards a largely whole food diet.

In our home, we probably eat about 60/40 home cooked food and easy packaged food from the supermarket. I would like to increase the amount of whole food we eat, and Heather’s course is inspiring me to do just that. I like the way she gently encourages small changes and a slow thoughtful approach.

While I can cook fairly well when I put my mind to it, I am often tempted to slip back to old habits and just throw something easy in the oven or buy packaged cereal and baked goods rather than make them myself. It is the process of immersing myself in Heather’s kitchen, her ideas and recipes and those of other course members that inspires me to do better in my own life. Cooking can be a grind and a chore or it can be a meditative soulful experience, it is this latter attitude that I hope to cultivate more in my own kitchen.

Above are a few pictures from my kitchen taken over the last few months before the course started. There is blueberry clafloutisvegetable paella, roasted plum cherry tomatoes, sauerkraut, and thick tomato soup. The lovely chelsea buns were made by Emily in her school cookery class. They were delicious, and I’m trying to talk her into making them again 🙂

8 thoughts on “In The Kitchen

  1. How delicious your pictures look, Kim! I have been trying to keep my own menu as ‘whole’ food as possible, but winter makes it more difficult. Summer vegetables sold in the farm markets make for a better chance. Though I have been using our slow cooker, it is mainly for Mr. Quantum’s dinners. I eat vegetarian, mostly, he does not. Oddly it’s easier to make his food, even while I’m doing it from scratch, and using all manner of ‘whole food’ ingredients. The course sounds like the kind of experience which would round out my own menu.

    Thank you for this great idea!



  2. This post resonates with me as my goal for 2016 was to regain control of family meals by planning, shopping and cooking more mindfully and in an organised fashion. I have stuck to it so far and it has reduced my stress levels (in the kitchen at least!) massively. All your cooking looks delicious. I have never made a clafoutis though I always think they look delicious. As for home made soup- yum and yum again, I love it. X

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    1. I must admit, I’ve been keeping a meal plan for the past year or so and it makes life so much easier. A relief to not have to think ‘now what shall I cook?’ every single day!


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