In the Garden

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Last week, a few warm days meant I was able to spend several hours in the garden. Spring has definitely, thankfully, arrived here in south-west England. As is usual with every season, by the time I have had enough of it, the new season is already on its way. No more frosts to speak of, and, though downpours are expected, the hail storm that we had a couple of days ago was a surprise. The last picture above is my newly planted sweet peas and the white flecks are balls of ice!

Even though this is usually one of the scarcer months of the year for harvesting, we are lucky to still be enjoying a bit of homegrown: leeks in various stages of development, winter salad leaves, chives, rosemary, mint and thyme are all welcome additions in the kitchen. Now I just need to decide what else I want to plant for this year… not too much, I have to keep it manageable for little old me to take care of on my own.

This month is the time when everything in the garden tends to shoot up a metre every time I go inside. If I don’t get rid of the weeds now, it will Day of the Triffids before I know it! It felt so good to work on the garden for longer than a few odd minutes. Leaves are bright and lush and plants are budding. A few specks of colour hide here and there: the primroses, spotted lungwort and a ladybird stopped by for a rest. There’s already been plenty of gardening and games of badminton, wafts of line-dried laundry, too much balancing precariously on ladders for shuttlecocks that the wind has blown over the hedge, and, of course, many cups of tea while sitting watching the squirrels and the birds prepare for the new season. Spring is here!

14 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. How lovely! You’re very lucky that spring has finally sprung, I thought we’d put winter behind us as well but we actually had some snow at the weekend – the tops of the Preselis were white!

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    1. It is frustrating isn’t it. I like some of the weeds and usually let them have a bit of the garden to themselves – but when they start to take over – ugh!


  2. What a lovely glimpse into your springtime garden. We had hail last week (and snow the week before). Spring is slow to arrive in New England, but I am very eager for it! Only a few trees have begun to burst their buds. Your Rosemary is so beautiful.

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    1. The pot the rosemary is in is completely broken at the back but I am worried about moving it, in case I inadvertently kill it. It has been known to happen to me before :/ plus it does look so happy where it is.


  3. Wow Kim, you have been busy! So good to be outside, although today there is a distinct chill in the air. We are off for more plants for our garden this afternoon. Hope you manage some gardening this weekend. Take care xx

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  4. Thanks Jane, it is a bit chilly out there this morning. I’m hoping for it to warm up this afternoon as I bought several plants last week that need planting out. Fingers crossed! xx


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