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Feverfew Plant

Feverfew is a herb that grows abundantly in my garden. It re-seeds itself all over the place and produces small daisy-like flowers throughout the summer.

It was one of those plants that arrived out of nowhere – a seed dropped by a bird flying overhead perhaps – and now I have several plants dotted around the garden.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, after searching for remedies for the horrible hormonal migraines that I suffer from, that I discovered a wonderful use for this herb. Feverfew leaves can be eaten on their own as leaves in a salad or sandwich, or made into a fresh or dried leaf tea. It has a distinctive and unusual taste, bitter but not unpleasant. And more importantly, it has a noticeably positive effect on my migraine.

For me, it works better than painkillers at reducing the pain and lessens my other symptoms like eye problems and nausea substantially. If you don’t have access to the plant itself, you can buy capsules of the herb that reportedly work just as well. Feverfew has other possible benefits including easing menstrual cramps and arthritis, and lowering blood pressure and inflammation levels.

So, maybe that old wives’ tale is true that the cures for our ills can often be found close at hand if we look for them.

Feverfew Tea

8 thoughts on “Feverfew

  1. A really interesting post, Kim and brilliant the Feverfew has helped so much with your migraines. I get a headache every now and then that last a few days and does make me feel quite unwell {could be a migraine to be honest} so I am definitely going to try this next time, as painkillers don’t seem to help. Thanks for the info! xx

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  2. I love this, and will look more closely as the back yard begins to return to the growing season, for Feverfew around the land! I’ve often used herbs (teas mostly) for what ails me. Thank you, Kim, for this addition to my knowledge base on “traditional medicinals.”


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