Tied to the Earth

Pale Peach Rose

“The best poets are tied to the earth. They live regular lives and wear regular clothes. They walk around incognito, yet they look at the world with keen eyes… by listening we can begin to notice, and then eventually tell more”

~ Visual Poetry, Chris Orwig

How grateful I’ve been for a couple of weeks break from the Internet. Time to gather my thoughts, catch up on some coursework and housework, nurse flu-y children, take a few walks and generally just slow down to a pace that I can actually keep up with.

Everything on the net seems to go at such an alarming pace. The worldwide web is a wonderful thing, and it has changed my life in so many positive ways, not least of all being able to come here and type out my thoughts and read the blogs of other like-minded people and not feel quite so alone in the world. But the sheer speed of it all – the constant updates and ever churning out of more more more information – all of this directly feeding into my brain can get a bit much sometimes.

But a break is as good as a change in my book, and so I return with renewed enthusiasm to this small online space of mine.

I’ve been thinking about why I come here. It sometimes occurs to me that it is a pointless exercise – as if there are not enough people chattering on the Internet already, I’m not sure I have anything of worth to add to the conversation. Then again, blogging has been quite eye-opening to me. I’ve come to understand that I blog in order to see my life more clearly. The act of blogging actually makes me slow down and notice the events in my own life. I see my life in greater clarity – what needs to change – what I have to be grateful for – what inspires, motivates, and moves me. And sharing that experience with others who similarly find it a therapeutic or life-enhancing activity is an added bonus.

So, I am glad to be returning to this little space…  expect more gabbing on about nothing much in particular, or even lots of particular but ordinary things. You know, just the very stuff of which life is made 🙂

16 thoughts on “Tied to the Earth

  1. Having the same issues with how time appears to be accelerating, asking myself why I have my website, but mostly just wanting to go outside and play in this strong of sunny spring days. Where time does slow down immediately, and I usually returned refreshed and wanting to create something for the website to share with the community I have come to enjoy through my website. Where I run into huge self doubt is with the photography. There are so many websites with just stunning photographs, and I often feel it is quite silly for me to be offering up my snapshots.

    Glad you have returned, and this was a lovely come back post.

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    1. Hi Johanna, I just got back from a walk and it is one of those sunny spring days you mentioned. The sky is blue, birds and flowers everywhere – makes me want to write a blog post about it 😉
      So many people enjoy your website, please don’t feel silly. I love to see your photos – so different from my part of the world. Too many websites have become ‘samey’… beautiful photography, but not enough of the personal touch which is what I love in a website and which you do so well. Thanks for stopping by Johanna 🙂


  2. I love the luminous look of the rose and of course the raindrops – or is it dew? You’re right, it is tempting to spend too much time online – I often do it myself – but if we are going to share things online, I prefer blogging. I can’t get to grips with Facebook and don’t care much for Twitter, except from a news perspective. Blogging is a chance to be more thoughtful, whether anyone else reads what we write or not. And WordPress has gathered together a caring, supportive community.

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    1. Yes, it was raindrops – this is England after all 😉 I agree with you about blogging being better than other forms of social media. There is more thoughtful communication and real interaction if we give it a chance.

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    1. Thanks Sarah, I took the picture on a trip to Salisbury last year. There were many beautiful rose bushes down by the river.
      Blogging has also been life enriching for me, even back in the days when it was just me talking to myself. It is so much better to be a part of the community now. In my daily life I am a bit of a recluse, so it is good to have this interaction – just right for me 🙂


  3. What a breathtaking photograph! Is there anything lovelier than pink roses be-jeweled with dew?

    I, too, sometimes struggle with blogging and the internet in general. The pace, the sheer vastness of talented people and ideas can overwhelm me and make me think that my own contributions aren’t worth the effort. But, then I consider all of the like-minded souls I’ve met through blogging that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I keep going. : ) My life has been enriched by connecting with them. I’ve been inspired to see things in new ways and to live with intention. I’ve also learned many new skills in cooking, crafts, nature study, home education, and lots of other areas. But, even so, sometimes a little internet break is needed (at least for me). I’m glad you’re back; I missed you.

    I hope your family is feeling better and that your days are gentle and peace-filled. ♥

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    1. Thank you, Susan!

      Yes, I share your doubts about blogging and to be honest I have been doubting for years, but always carry on anyway. I think I need to put the doubts to rest now and enjoy the experience whatever it might bring. I think a break from time to time will be just what I need. Life has calmed considerably and I’m enjoying the early spring days. I can breathe again. Take care x


  4. Thanks, Karen. It makes a lot of sense to set targets and limits – I’m just not so good at keeping to them. I’ll just keep working at it. 🙂


  5. Welcome back, Dear Kim,
    I missed you so much.
    I’m so sorry to hear bad news about your children.
    I understand what you wrote, completely.
    And now I’m so happy.

    Best wishes for you, your children and your book, ❤

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  6. Your time off sounds peaceful, and I think about that myself, especially as the warmer weather is moving slowly into our area. Still, this place, and all these wonderful people (like you) make it so worthwhile a journey, and time well spent. It feels a bit like being back in college. I think we need to feel that way again and again, over the course of our lives. To find interesting folk of like mind, and read and comment has given me a sense that something was missing from my daily life.

    Great post, Kim, and I’m happy to see you back here. 🙂



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