How Nature Soothes the Soul

Snowdrops emerging

How often do you look outside the windows of your house? If you are a blogger, probably plenty as I see many a beautiful photograph of gardens, snowdrifts, and window-framed landscapes. In these winter months it is not often enough that I let myself be called to go out that door and not be a mere onlooker, but an integral part of that outside scene.

For me, spending time outdoors is nourishing to my soul. I stop and stand and absorb all the swirling maelstrom of experience that is happening outside even when it appears to be still. From the swaying of trees, the deep browns, taupes and knobbled silver of their bark, to the sound of the hush between bird chirrups and the way grasses lean this way and that.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” *

This time of year, in my garden and beyond, the fresh green shoots of spring bulbs are urging their way upwards through the soft rain drenched loam. There beneath our muddied boots, is a living symbol of hope, an annual dance of yearning to inspire our own human possibilities, if we would only take the time to see it.


*quote by Ulysses, from William Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, Act III, sc iii

15 thoughts on “How Nature Soothes the Soul

  1. I have been getting a daily fix of nature on my walk to work through our local park. I came across a very friendly blackbird this morning, he was not shy at all…it was so nice. The crocuses are out too and they are a delight! Enjoy your garden as it springs with hope and possibility xx

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  2. Spending time outdoors at any time of year refreshes my weary spirit like nothing else. But there is something extra special about early spring and the fragility of new growth. Beautiful thoughts and photos.

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  3. we are planning a tiny garden this year since we skipped last year due to our daughter’s wedding. We just could not focus! I am looking forward to some vegetables. The sun is shining for once today and later I’ll be walking the dog taking in the outside.

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  4. An essay so full of the promise of spring. I am considering simply going with pots of herbs and a few tomatoes. But, when it comes to gardening and growing my well intended plans wander off into unexpected vines and plant varieties. Rather enjoying it that way.

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