Catching Up

Sorry for my absence from blogland, dear readers. My computer died and I have been learning to find my way around a brand new one… it’s super fast and purple… I like it!

What have we been up to? Well, enjoying the grand entrance of Autumn in all its glory. The crisp leaves and crisper temperatures (although today is quite balmy). The scent of bonfires on the breeze, and a garden full of rotting plants, overgrown bushes, and dry stems that need cutting back and clearing up. I have been studying hard, trying to get a little ahead with my course in anticipation of Christmas. Emily carved the pumpkins pictured above. And on Saturday, we had a little Halloween tea, and listened to a creepy-classics playlist.

Over tea, we had a long discussion about horror films and fear. Emily loves to watch scary movies (though she doesn’t watch 18-rated films). I do not much like to watch horror films at all. I used to watch them when I was younger – the likes of The Shining, Salem’s Lot and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Back then I enjoyed the rush of adrenalin, the dark subject matter, and all-round spooky creepiness. But the films were never really realistic enough to truly scare.

Later films were not so enjoyable for me to watch though. Occasionally, after watching one of these films, images would haunt me for months. Take Se7en for example – there are scenes which I simply could not get out of my head. It was as if they were burned into my brain in full technicolour.

These days, in order to keep my sanity, I find I need to stick to subjects that mostly bring a positive state of mind. I am so thankful for the space to be less afraid and more aware of what is going on around me, rather than having all those imaginary fears whirling inside my head. So, boring though it may be, I am more than happy to stick to pleasant uplifting music and films these days.

I have much blog-reading to catch up on and I’m looking forward to reading what you’ve all been up to lately. I also just wanted to end today by thanking you for visiting my blog and to say I really do appreciate all your lovely, kind and interesting comments. Now I have my new zippy purple laptop I hope to be blogging more regularly.

Wishing you all a great week!

12 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Hi Kim, a purple computer, wow, fancy! The same here with Seven, until today I remember some parts. Shining is great too. I watched one horror movie with my kids each weekend during October, not R of course. We had lots of fun!


  2. I cannot watch anything scary and I’ve been like that since I was a kid. I like to laugh or have my heart strings tugged a little. I’m a PG to PG-13. Rated R has to be for language only, too much violence I’m gone. Loved hearing your catch up!!


  3. When my two oldest returned from handball this evening they mentioned someone saying they thought they heard a chainsaw on the second floor of the building. You know where my mind went to and when I mentioned Texas Chainsaw Massacre I had to admit to sitting through it but not really watching it. Never have been able to stomach horror movies. I’m not sure there are actually any chainsaws on the island as there are not real trees to speak of. Anyhoo, you made me think of this.

    Your pumpkin seeds look divine as do the pumpkins. It sounds like you’ve been enjoying the simple and oft over looked things in life, so wonderful! Blogland never goes away but time with your child is precious. That said, it is nice to catch up and, with the season ahead, there will be plenty more time for that. Take care!

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