Days of Summer


The summer break passed so quickly for us; I am a little sad it’s over. My children are older now so there is a whole lot less of the bickering that can happen for extended periods of unplanned time with siblings. This is a great relief to me, as I used to find the six-week break very stressful… and of course, the more stressed out I got, the worse the bickering!

Though our budget does not stretch to holidays away, we enjoyed several day trips, which is actually enough for me, right now anyway. I like my time at home – home is where the peace (most of the time), the garden, and the books are after all.

Emily went on a trip to Thorpe Park theme park – roller coasters and me do not mix – oh no, not at all. Whereas she loves them. So instead I took a lone trip to the coast, walked along the beach, dug my toes into wet sand, and whiled away several happy hours perched on a blanket on the sand dunes.

We also went to Bath and visited the fashion museum and enjoyed a picnic sitting in the middle of the Circus.

A train ride to London one day was not ruined by the downpours, we wandered around the Victoria and Albert and British museums and around Covent Garden. At one point we got lost and discovered a tiny patisserie called Pierre Hermé – Emily dragged me inside of course – and we tasted our very first macaron. She chose the passion fruit and I the salted caramel. Oh dear… that may be the first macaron, but I fear it will not be the last.

There was a trip to Avebury sacred stones, and to Salisbury, as well as walks around the village, gardening, reading and baking.

And now here we are with Autumn on its way and with it today Emily has returned to school, I have work to do, and my university course starts next week. In home schooling, Jay and I are focusing on maths so he can make it through the army application process he hopes to take next year. So plenty to keep us going and hopefully some time to slow down in between it all.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend x

5 thoughts on “Days of Summer

  1. Thank you for taking us on a journey through your summer, it sounds absolutely lovely and very interesting with all your trips to different places. I know what you mean about home, sometimes it can be the best place to be {I am a homebody for sure}. My son had a trip this summer to the Victoria and Albert and really enjoyed it. Have a lovely weekend, Kim xx

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  2. Kim, what a lovely summer you had! I read about your going to the beach and felt very envious; that is one thing I didn’t get to do this summer. We usually visit the beach at least once each year but just never got around to it. I hope your transition into autumn goes smoothly! xx

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  3. Your summer sounds idyllic, Kim. After the routine of term-time, I think it takes a while to unkink, and pottering at home is the perfect way to relax, with the odd day trip here and there. Even though school’s started back, we’re trying to make the most of this lovely weather, so we’re off for a swim and baked potatoes on the beach after school today – bliss!

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