Brave Enough to Say Goodbye

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

~ Paulo Coelho

Thank you to Fimnora, from Quantum Hermit, for kindly inviting me to take part in a further challenge to post a quote for three consecutive days.

How many of us, I wonder, continue to carry around with us the weight of our past. The people we once knew, old regrets, painful memories, and wishful fantasies of the dreams we ache for. All of this can become a burden. We sink and become smaller under the weight we carry around with us. Lugging this great boulder of distress up every hill it is no wonder we are exhausted most of the time and fall prey to illness and unease.

My past is not who I am. I don’t have to carry around that pain anymore. I can choose to live lighter.

All these people I see, passing me on the street, at the shopping mall, or the supermarket, heads bowed under the strain of their existence, faces sagging under the weight of their suffering:

“The apparition of these faces in the crowd:
Petals on a wet black bough”
~ Ezra Pound.

We have got so addicted to our sad stories that we have forgotten how to be free. I want a future not restricted by a me that was hurt, abandoned, addicted, grieving, desperate. That person does not exist anymore. Each minute it is as if we are born anew. Look at the summer rain sliding off the deep green leaves of the geraniums, look at the cat, legs splayed on the carpet leisurely cleaning herself, look at what is happening here right now, because here the past does not exist.

What is it we have been resisting saying goodbye to? To old ways of being, old ways of thinking, old relationships that were not meant for us, old tattered dreams? Perhaps if we can stop carrying all this surplus emotional baggage around with us, well, then there may be room for life to fill us with new and better. I know we cling to the old and familiar stories because they feel comfortable, even though they are heavy and they cause us pain. Moving forward into the new and unknown is scary… but isn’t that what life is all about? Life is continually moving on, an infinite star-dust river moving inexorably onwards. Evolving. you can flow with it or you can get stuck on every boulder and try to swim backwards against the current.

If you would like to take part in the challenge, just post three of your favourite quotes consecutively on your blog and link back so we can all come and read. And do pop along to the Quantum Hermit blog and read some of Fimnora’s wonderful stories. Take care x

10 thoughts on “Brave Enough to Say Goodbye

  1. So beautiful. I think we are all burdened by our past to some extent. Especially those times we felt we were wronged. Some people refuse to let go of their pain from the past, and it becomes almost fuel for their daily life. It’s so unhealthy. There’s so much freedom and liberation in letting go. . . and new beginnings.

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  2. I think this is really important. I’m not great at letting go of the past but I try to do it as much as I can. It does feel better when you can say goodbye to an old hurt or regret.

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    1. I think it helps to direct our focus onto something new, that way the past slips away more easily. Thanks for your comment Jennifer. x


  3. The truck loads of baggage I have carried round in my life, I have now in my forties managed to get it down to a small hold all and that feels much better! So many wise words here, thank you Kim. Hope you are having a good weekend xx

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