The Future Depends On How We Treat Our Children



My second quote in the challenge is this one above from Alice Miller.

It has become a part of our culture, it seems, to habitually humiliate children. I don’t think most people are even aware they are doing it. I know I’ve done it myself in the past.

I see parents slapping their children’s hands away from touching something in a shop; I see restless children ignored and pushed and pulled against their will; told in fierce tones to ‘Be Quiet’, ‘Sit Down’, ‘Sit Still’; punishment pictures put up on social media; I’ve seen screaming struggling children literally dragged into schools, while parents and teachers talk over them as if they were not there; I’ve seen young children shouted at in schools for mixing paint colours and forced to stand alone outside classrooms for the crime of looking out the window. All this and sadly so much more.

There was a time I would get irritated with my children when they interrupted ‘adult’ conversation. I didn’t understand that they just want to be part of our world. They love life. Life is exciting and sometimes they just can’t contain that excitement. Isn’t it wonderful that they are bubbling with zest for life? They want to be seen and heard just like the rest of us. They look up to us. They want to be like us. Maybe we could try being the people they deserve us to be?

If you would like to join the challenge, post 3 quotes consecutively on your blog and if you wish you can nominate others or as I prefer to leave it open for whoever would like to join in.


9 thoughts on “The Future Depends On How We Treat Our Children

  1. Hi Kim, what a wonderful quote this is. While I too am guilty of a lack of patience at times and am by no means a perfect parent, ignoring children is just so soul destroying to see and a pet peeve of mine. I see a woman regularly walking to school with her daughter, walking too fast for her little legs to catch up and on her phone all the way. They grow up so quickly…these times are precious.

    This is a good reminder to me for a little more patience at times, my son deserves it. Thanks for this xx

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    1. I don’t think there is any such thing as a perfect parent Jane, and I sometimes wonder if these quotes are as helpful as I would like them to be.

      I also struggle with impatience sometimes, but I look back to years ago and see that I am doing better these days. I need to be reminded though – because as you say – these times are precious and I want to do the best I can. Thanks for your comment. x


  2. I love so much what you have written here. Unfortunately, Alice Miller’s son tells us what an awful mother she was. But it’s still a good quote. I often wonder at the popular culture of parenting, about how it changes, how it is fed by fears and insecurities and dreams.

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  3. Yes, the situation in the family does seem wildly at odds with her message. But still, the words come from a good place, and that is what I will focus on when I need to be reminded.

    I think a lot of the trouble with parenting is that many of us so easily follow the example of those around us, or our own childhood experience, without stopping to think if it makes sense or is in line with our deepest values. It takes a lot to go against the mainstream ways of doing things and I suppose some people are afraid or have other priorities.

    Thank you for your comment Sarah. x


    1. I often wonder why many people seem to put so little thought into parenting, they just go with “the norm” and, when it doesn’t work, all too often turn to diagnoses and medication. Maybe you are right about fear, after all parenting is really scary. Doing the different thing (eg homeschooling) can be scary, especially when everyone around you is opposed to it. But oh, so worth it to follow your own true instincts.


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