Wildflowers and Hope



Good Morning to you all šŸ™‚ I am feeling hopeful today.

After my last post I had the most smooth running and productive day ever. Surely that can not just be a coincidence? I have made some new plans that seem to fit better with where I want to go and one of those is to go back and finish my English literature and creative writing degree. I started it in 2010 but had to put it on pause when I began home educating Jay. He has just turned 16, and while we will be continuing with home education for a while longer, I don’t feel I need to invest quite so much time.

Other than that, I have been in the kitchen making sauerkraut and oodles of vegetable paella using this recipe. As well, as long hours in the garden pulling weeds and trying to prevent the courgettes, lettuce and beans from being devoured by the pesky slugs.

I also wanted to join Fimnora at Quantum Hermit for her Monday Music Medicine Show – so sorry for being a bit late. But here is my choice of song for the week – maybe the intro might make a good theme tune?

3 thoughts on “Wildflowers and Hope

  1. I got your ping back! Thank you!!! Oh nice on the song, but really nice on the theme song from the beginning… will put that on my list to include in options, and will make a poll and fun will be had by all! šŸ™‚ I’m glad you joined in The Show!

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