Bells and Ribbons









Once a year, in our nearby town of Chippenham, there is a folk festival. For the late May bank holiday weekend, what seems like the entire folkish population of Britain descends upon this quiet market town and brings it to colourful musical life.

Thousands of costumed ladies and gents camp in the parks and fields around town and regale us with folk dancing in the streets throughout the weekend. Huge marquees appear along the river filled with handmade crafts and gifts, and there is much food and drink consumed along with all the merry-making. A jollier friendlier bunch of people you will never find.

Emily’s 13th birthday fell on the Saturday of the festival weekend this year and we had a lovely day wandering the stalls, eating pizza and cherry cheesecake/toffee fudge ice-cream and marvelling at the dancing and vibrant costumes on show. The weather, for once, was fine, making this the busiest festival that I can remember. It got a little cramped squeezing past thousands of people along a narrow river bank but everyone was in good humour and enjoyed themselves nonetheless.

5 thoughts on “Bells and Ribbons

  1. The pictures were wonderful! And it sounds like a great gathering! I especially loved the way the clothing looked. There was something about it that reminded me of ‘flowers in her hair’ kind of sentiment.

    I was brought up in a big city. When I look at the kinds of things small towns often have, it seems so much more interesting to me than what city life had to offer. There’s that greener grass on the other side of the fence thing. 🙂

    Great post! Thank you for bringing me with you!

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    1. I know what you mean about the greener grass. Cities and towns both have their advantages and disadvantages. For me I prefer to live in a village and just visit the towns and cities every now and again.
      Enjoy your weekend Fim. x

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