Wet Weekend


Well, I think I have finally got rid of the infestation of mites that I have had in the kitchen for the last week. What a relief. Psocids they were I think. Harmless, but barely visible to the naked eye, which made them almost impossible to eradicate. However, I think mission has been accomplished. Phew! Even so I still feel very icky about using anything from the kitchen and have been eyeing everything with a magnifying glass just to make sure!

I have had a strange couple of weeks, not been feeling great, lots of annoying things happening, but I am usually one to look on the positive side. I haven’t been writing or painting much lately, and when I don’t make something on a regular basis I get angsty. It niggles at me all the time… I should be doing this right now… go do it. Do you get that? I should listen to that niggle more.

Today is a very quiet day. Emily is on a sleepover at a friends, Jay is tired from a long bike ride, meals are cooked, laundry and dishes washed so I think I might spend the evening writing and painting. It’s always hard to get started but once I start I never fail to enjoy it. I have been trying and not succeeding very well to impose more of a routine on my life. I am so easily distracted by the activities of my children: looking for lost things, helping with this or that, watching another youtube video that Emily insists I simply must see. Whole days can disappear in this way. I’m not very good with the boundaries on my time. It is nice to be needed but I have trouble with saying no.

On Friday I made apricot and white chocolate flapjack which is an excellent recipe and one I’ll definitely make again, though I didn’t have treacle so used maple syrup instead. Usually when I make flapjack I burn the edges and the whole thing is too chewy, but not this time. πŸ™‚

What else have I been doing? Pottering about in the garden for the odd few minutes between rainstorms; watching that old classic Terms of Endearment which I last saw about 20 years ago. Shirley MacLaine is great in it and there are so many memorable lines. Emma to her young son: “Okay, you’re allowed to say one mean thing to me a year, that’ll do until you’re ten.” I was watching it and thinking, they just don’t put that kind of effort into film-making these days. Maybe they do and I just don’t notice it. But the acting and the script are just so good in that film.

Oh, and I have been reading this book:Β If You Can Talk, You Can Write, which explains the rather talky blog post today. I still feel awkward writing on my blog and I’m trying to get more relaxed about it. This book helps, I recommend it.

And I think this is a young blackbird that has been hopping merrily about the garden in search of worms.


18 thoughts on “Wet Weekend

  1. Hi Kim. I hope you are enjoying your evening writing and painting. I loose time to my children all the time. It’s just going to take a second mummy. Or two or 1000…..Saying no is ever so difficult, more so to those that you love because we don’t want to hurt them. Wishing you a very good week, balanced, serene and mite free. xx

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  2. Indeed, that’s a young Turdus merula in the last image, a male, changing from his speckled camouflage juvenile coat into adult glossy back. You can see how the new coat proceeds from back to front, that’s the same with all Passeriformes. In a few weeks he’ll get his orange beak and eye circle. And how I envy you for the dewy grass… no rain here for weeks, everything’s drying out.

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    1. I hope it rains for you soon. My garden’s a bit flooded out at the moment, but I do love to listen to the sound of it pouring. Thanks for dropping by.


      1. Thanks for well-wishing – and it did rain finally! Hope the waters subside in your garden soon, though…


  3. The slices are disappearing fast in this house… It would be a great recipe to wrap for picnics, I think. Thank you for your comment. x


      1. It is busy Kim, but Johnny and I just had a lovely walk and then decided to take ourselves out for lunch after, to continue the ‘date’. We discussed the busyness and I think shorter ramblings with a few pictures may be what the summer blogging holds for us. You may have planted the seed for those thoughts!

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  4. I like the new talking style! You’ve reminded me to pay more attention to the ‘ordinary’, the lost sock, the inhibition of genius by children…. Must remember to take everyday life as a subject from time to time.

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  5. Those flapjacks look so delicious. I will have to make some. I’m a little confused though, I always thought flapjack was a name for pancake which is what we here call crepes. Obviously I was wrong! πŸ™‚

    Your children are blessed to have a mother so willing to be present for them.

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    1. I don’t know where in the world you are writing from, but I have never heard pancakes or crepes called flapjacks. Funny old world πŸ™‚


  6. Hello Kim!

    Still In the midst of my big Elegant Simplicity Lifestyle changes, but in the midst includes my blog again. Just had to come over for a visit.

    Setting boundaries with children was always hard for for me too. I was more inclined to go play with them than attend to my adult responsibilities, liked them so much I would find it hard to say “No” with any conviction, and would end up not sleeping in order to capture back time. I wish I had some sage wise words about finding the balance and the cliche about them growing up so fast and not missing one minute of time with them, but in reality it is a real challenge to claim that very important creative time for yourself which makes you a much better Mom when you are engaged with the children.

    Your words resonate as I am joyously going to visit with the Grands soon, and I am even worse about ever saying ‘no’ to them!

    Meanwhile my ESL(Elegant Simplicity Lifestyle) To Do Lists continue to be long and I am coming to realize that I have to start stepping back and away from all of this as I can not maintain the pace.

    It felt so good to get back to my blog and post again, and your site continues to be just marvelous!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by Johanna, I know you must be up to your ears in things to do. I am still striving for balance yes, but admittedly it is becoming easier now my children are growing. My youngest turned a teenager over the weekend – I can hardly believe it. How time flies. Glad to see you back. x

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