When I look out of my bedroom window, I can see over several gardens and this week my eyes are drawn to the flash of scarlet poppies beside the greenhouse in my neighbour’s garden.

A host of them gathered together, heads bobbing and swaying, graceful petals fluttering in the high winds. I wonder how they stay upright, as their stems do not look strong enough to bear the weight of the bashing they received from the gales.

The rain poured so I stayed inside listening to Chris Evan’s radio show on the Internet and painted three watercolour poppies.

Enjoy your weekend! x

16 thoughts on “Poppies

  1. The house I’m living in and have now sold.

    Had many varieties of poppies growing. From Field to California and through to Icelandic. There is even the pale white with blue/pink throat, of the Opium variety. One day, I found a transient type raiding my garden. Though it was late into the season and he was picking the wrong sort. This was about five years ago and since then, I stopped re-seeding the poppies. So sad, that they attract that sort of attention. For they are such a diverse family of flowers, even if they do have a poor scent..

    Your painting is quite wonderful and very expressive. My favourite form of painting, is watercolour. They have has such life, in the painting. Cheers Jamie.

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  2. That’s your painting? How beautiful! Lovely post! Our peonies are growing beautifully this year. Of course, we weren’t here previous years, so I’m uncertain of how well they did. But everything (because of the snow, I’m sure – saturating the ground with so much water – has been well nourished, all beneath waiting to sprout, and we have a glorious jungle outside!

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  3. Thanks Fimnora, our peonies got a bit battered by the recent winds here but I think they should be okay, and flower soon. I love this time of year when everything is green and bursting with life. x

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  4. You have a beautiful site. Looks like we have similar feelings and ties to Nature. Thank you for stopping by and for the follow!

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