Saving Plants from Certain Death


I picked up these begonia plants from a local Tesco a couple of weeks ago. 12 plants for 40p! Though admittedly, at the time they did not look like the begonias in the photo, they looked dried up and flowerless and almost dead. Goes to show what a bit of tender loving care can do to even the most bedraggled plants.

I don’t know why they don’t take better care of the plants they are selling in some of these shops. Several years ago I bought a fuchsia for 25p on a reduced stand. It didn’t look like it would make it and now it’s fully hardy and creates a cascade of flowers every summer.

I don’t have a lot of money to spare for expensive plants, especially the annuals that will die after the season. So now I always look out for the forgotten specimens, maybe the occasional one won’t make it, but they nearly always do.

This week I bought 2 trays of violas and 1 of marigolds from the sale stand – 18 plants for 90p. I have picked off all the decaying material and deadheaded the flowers, gave them a good watering and placed them on the kitchen windowsill. In a week or so when they’re stronger I will acclimatise them to the outdoors, and they will be as good as new, maybe even stronger than the ones which didn’t have to fight for their lives. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Saving Plants from Certain Death

      1. Reminded that we always look after withered daffodils in the shops and put them in our garden. Next year they come up beautifully. In our soil they are longer lasting than tulips that seem to disappear

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  1. Having worked for some years with a giant retailer. I agree with how poorly the retailers tend them, prior to selling. I suspect the “Morning Glory’, invasion of my little garden here. Was from a plant bought through such an outlet? Those outlets accept returns with little questions asked. Often, they would just be suffering, from neglect. … Customers can be strange?

    The woman who did returns would plant them on a grass bank out back. The store manager, nixed that. Because the Store would receive credit from the wholesaler. So, into the dumpster … what a waste. All stores get “markdown” money. For they will take cents on stuff, than waste time doing returns. Cheers Jamie.

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  2. Well done you for saving those begonias! They look great now. I noticed that even garden centres have a neglected corner… I have been trying to use only perennials for our garden because I am so lazy. Those can be bought cheaply after they stopped flowering, for the next year. x

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    1. That’s a good idea to plant only perennials. More perennial ground cover = less weeding too! I have been trying to propagate a few like the hydrangeas which are easy to grow from cuttings. I would love to plant more roses but they are so expensive. I will look out for them later in the year, maybe I’ll be lucky. x


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