For the Love of Kale


Picking a bunch of flat-leafed kale from the garden and cooking and eating it the same day. I just don’t think I’ll ever get fed up of this seed to plate ritual.

Last Autumn I sowed the seed in shallow drills, watered, and here it is a few months later ripe for harvesting. I’m slowly learning this patience thing.

I know kale is super fashionable right now, with everyone in the cookery blog crowd making kale this and kale that, with a hundred varieties of kale chips in between. Still, I think it’s a band wagon worth jumping on. Kale has been in and out of favour throughout the centuries, maybe now it’s here to stay.

I was reading Lindylit’s blog post yesterday, and she reviews the book Mariana by Monica Dickens written in 1940. There is a lovely quote in the introduction:

“Mary realises she could never consider living in France. England, ‘looked so right and so comfortably unexotic, like a cabbage.'”

It is one of those perfectly English things to say, I think. And very true… though I would include the rest of the British Isles too.

Here are a couple of my favourite useful Kale-ish web pages:

How to grow kale in your garden

Spaghetti with kale and lemon

Summery kale, tomato and corn salad

Garlicky kale with red beans and rice

Or throw it into a goat’s cheese frittata, blend with lemon juice, garlic and cream cheese for a kale dip, or use in just about any recipe that calls for cabbage.

The day I picked the kale I simply sautéed it in butter and garlic. Delicious. A little slice of England on my plate. 🙂

12 thoughts on “For the Love of Kale

  1. Recently I saw a newspaper article that was warning about eating too much kale. Which made me think of you, Kim.

    Since I do not place much faith in those sorts of exposes. I left it alone. Yet here you are with a whole post on kale. Which is to be commended. Indeed, praised. For far too few, really extoll vegetable use.

    However there should be a note of caution. I did not do much of a search. Asking the question, “harmful effects of kale”. It threw out this answer,

    Overall I think people are better off eating kale, than not. While I enjoy kale, my tastes prefer other cruciferous veggies. I think the price of kale in supermarkets, is outrageous. Especially compared to yesterday, when it was difficult to find. Collard greens are great. I’ve grown them and they do better than kale, in the same space. Deer however also love them, as well as the kale.

    This is one reason I no longer share with others what I believe as a beneficial diet. For once it’s out there, the price inevitably goes up. Let others find their own diet.

    I always thought the “Cheers” episode with Woody Harrelson, being the spokesperson for “Veggie Boy” was funny if not strictly correct. It’s 30 years old now, so likely not remembered? … “it’s the kale” was the punchline. Cheers Jamie.


    1. I don’t eat too much kale Jamie. I do like other veg as well 😉 Every foodstuff these days has an article or ten about how it’s not good for you. Too much of anything is not good for you. I just trust my intuition and know kale is fine.

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  2. I am not the biggest fan of kale texture but like the flavour. The one we grow doesn’t do so well and the one we buy is chewy… I am rather tempted though by pasta with your homegrown kale and lemon. it sounds like a perfect marriage. Hungry. x

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