The Village of Lacock

P1020891My mum and I went for a walk back in time last week. We took a long slow meander around and through the nearby village of Lacock. Once home to one of the fathers of photography William Henry Fox Talbot, and the site of many film locations including Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey. The village is mentioned in the Domesday Book and is now almost entirely owned by the National Trust.

I took a lot of photographs but sadly lost several of them due to a hiccup with my camera. Now we shall have to return so I can take more… I do need another excuse to visit the exquisite collection of shops. A bakery, handmade soap, antiques, gifts and plants – everything you don’t strictly need – but would very much like to have or at least look at.

P1020900Rows of 18th Century cottages with drooping rooftops and crumbling stone (for a while there I fell into a deep and fruitless Internet hole while trying to discover which is correct: roofs or rooves?); there were beams you have to duck to walk beneath and strange inviting little doorways and paths that seem to come from another world.


P1020904This is the medieval Tithe barn. Vastly cavernous and echoing with walls as thick as my arm is long – aye they don’t build em like they used to.


20 thoughts on “The Village of Lacock

  1. Hi Kim, there was a time when ef’s were vee’s and vice versa. So I suspect the plural of roof, was pronounced with that vee in place of the ef? Here in Canada everyone says roofs with emphasis on the ef. If I ever say the other word, people look at me blankly? The area around the village of Bakewell, is similarly owned by NT. Cheers Jamie

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