Easter Baking Day and a finished Scarf


So just as the weather is getting warmer, I have finally finished the lace patterned scarf I started before Christmas. No matter, it will be most welcome when next winter comes.

What are you all up to for Easter, anything exciting? It will be quite quiet here, just the children and me and some good food. For me it is more a celebration of the beginning of spring and a chance to spend more time with my children. We are having a baking day today – Easter nest cakes – we follow this recipe but substitute the cornflakes for shredded  wheat and the golden syrup for maple syrup. (They’ll all be gone by monday no doubt 🙂 ) and I’ll probably make some simple Easter biscuits too.

Saturday, Emily and I are going to see Cinderella at the local cinema. I haven’t been to the cinema for years so I’m looking forward to that. And at the weekend I’m hoping I will be able to get outside and do some serious gardening. I mean serious. I have a tonne of jobs to catch up on out there.

I hope your Easter weekend is peaceful and productive, or not, maybe just put your feet up and relax.


8 thoughts on “Easter Baking Day and a finished Scarf

  1. I am going to take my two daughters and one niece to see Cinderella in a weeks time with a sister in law. Really look forward to that trip to the mainland. We will be meeting up with two other sisters in law and having a big slumber party. The brother in law whose house we are all staying at is joking about too many women in the house (he has a daughter as well). I am so excited as my sisters live in America.
    Our Easter will be as quiet as can be with five small children, but I always look forward to not having to be anywhere. I haven’t even given our meal a thought yet! But no hustle and bustle is definitely planned.
    This is a lovely post of friendly chit chat. I’m even sipping a cup of tea 😉 Your scarf is lovely. Looks complicated, I always think that of knitting. The neutral color is especially nice. I hope you get some good gardening weather. No matter what, enjoy every moment of it!

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    1. We just got back and it is such a lovely film, highly recommended if you like a bit of feel-good magical fairy story. I do hope you all enjoy it next week, it sounds like you have a great time planned.

      Knitting is not so complicated once you get the hang of it. It’s a very restful occupation, I think. I am trying to learn crochet at the moment which is proving a bit tricky, but I think I’ll get there. x


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