5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge ~ Day 1

So I have been invited to take part in this photography challenge by Katie of What Katie Wrote Next.  I accept the challenge… thank you for nominating me. I look forward to posting my pictures each day this week. (I only have an inexpensive point and shoot camera so please forgive the less than ideal quality of my pictures.)

The 2 rules for the 5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge are as follows:

1. Post a black and white photograph each day for 5 days.

2. Invite another blogger/photographer to participate each day.



So here is my first picture. It was taken on a trip to the city of Bath and is a photograph of Pulteney Bridge. This bridge is over two hundred years old and is one of only a few historic bridges in the world to have shops built into it.


I think the black and white tones remind me of the history of this city. This photograph does not look that different to how it would have looked a couple of hundred years ago when it was built. Though there are more houses built up behind it now.

We live just 15 miles from Bath so it is always a favourite place to visit when we get the chance. There is so much to see and do there including the abbey, the museums, theatres, a labyrinth of unusual shops, architecture and ornamental gardens and parks.

For my first nomination I would like to invite Emma from Organdie.  As always there is no pressure to join in – only if you have time and you would like to, of course!


9 thoughts on “5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge ~ Day 1

  1. Such a clear photo. I believe I could count the houses, the windows, and with my glasses on, maybe even the leaves on the trees. (ya, that last bit was an exaggeration) But seriously impressive… It’s prizewinning! Shots like this make me want a nice camera. Automatic everything, but capable of such scope.

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  2. This is taken with a ordinary fuji camera that cost about £70. I bought it years ago, and it’s pretty good for outdoor pictures, not so great inside. I’d like a better camera, but there always seems to be something more important to pay for. Maybe one day 🙂


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