This is a challenge from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. My first attempt at a ‘wordle’. From twelve selected words we are to create a story or poem using at least ten of them. I have marked in bold the words chosen.

Thanks also to Bohemian Nerd for her wonderful poem which first introduced me to the challenge!



He came into my broken life
Like a meteor crash; a quiet supernova in my brain
I the bird who burned her wings upon his flame
I drank deeply at the draught of my obsession
I the needy, I the clinging, I the lustful
While his altruism knew no limitation
He watched a love turn to sickness
As the freshest milk will curdle given time
A twinge of guilt
Of desperation
Of wanting what I thought was surely mine
And now a cloud casts shadows where there once was love
What once brimmed over
Now is but an empty bowl
These days I wear my paper tiger mask
But it is his visage I see
A dream of anabiosis
A dream of if only…

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