Follow Your Inner Moonlight


“Concentrate on what you want to say to yourself and your friends. Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness. You say what you want to say when you don’t care who’s listening.”

~ Allen Ginsberg

I wholeheartedly believe that we all have something individual to contribute to the world – something important that needs to be expressed. Perhaps something only you can say. Blogging gives us an opportunity to express and communicate this with others.

It means we have to become a little vulnerable, we have to let people see the parts of us that are not so strong and certain. There is deep value in this process for the reader as well as ourselves. It takes time and care to say what you really mean – to say what matters. This is something I really want to work on with my blogging this year.

We all have these mad parts of ourselves, parts that speak of our pain and our hope and our passion. I want to read and write about those. There are some things I will keep private, for sure, but I need to get out of my comfort zone, even if it hurts. Especially if it hurts.

What is your inner moonlight leading you to do or say? What makes life different and real for you? What would you say if you didn’t care who was listening?

8 thoughts on “Follow Your Inner Moonlight

  1. I feel that I am outspoken in my blogging and comments, on sites or FB. Yet, I too exercise caution. To not say exactly what i think, feel, or know to be truthful.

    As you state, Kim. “There are some things I will keep private, for sure”. Not sure, if I actually have a comfort zone? I guess I must have? I try to not be a know-it-all, yet I expect that is how it sometimes comes across?

    The main thing is, keep love in the heart and try my best to show it to others. Universal love makes the world go round. Cheers Jamie.

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    1. I suppose a ‘comfort zone’ to me in writing means the sharing of those things that come easily compared with those things that are more difficult to share.

      Going outside of my comfort zone might mean exposing myself to criticism because of some of my more controversial opinions. Or sharing more personal stories from my life which could lead to greater connection with readers, but also makes me more vulnerable. It is a fine line to walk, and one that is different for every writer. But as you beautifully say, above all the most important thing is to ‘keep love in the heart and try my best to show it to others’.

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      1. Hi Kim,
        Of course. Only you can determine what is chosen to share with other bloggers, etc. People who may be complete strangers. No matter how empathic they seem.

        Choices that can be a good thing. To being open with those who are willing to share in return. I imagine you, as a person, are a “smart cookie”. In my mind, anyway. You certainly did not reach this point without being a capable human being.

        Thank you for your reply and wisdom. Good luck! I look forward to more of your posts and the content that is excellent, no matter what. In universal love …

        Cheers Jamie

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  2. ‘don’t hide the madness-Ginsberg’ one of my very favorite ‘go to’ verses.

    I still am trying to figure out what/how I want to focus on with my website in the short term as I learn the mechanics of it. How much I want to self disclose….. Last week I waded a few steps into that and the earth is still rotating, though we have had unseasonably cold weather and snow where I live. The correlation between my self disclosure on the internet and changing weather patterns is tenuous, but I do try to walk in harmony to nature.

    Long range I see short fictional stories, getting that novel finished with excerpts on the site, and links to purchase, lots of photos, and creating an interesting space that people enjoy showing up too. LOst of ideas flowing now as I feel this sense of being free to make the site whatever I want. I really enjoy the ‘global community’ aspect of this adventure and want to continue to build on that.

    I laughingly said I would not tell anyone I actually knew that I was blogging until I had 100 followers and could navigate posting easily…I figured that would take more than a year and that I may be overly optimistic. …OOps. It has reached 84 followers in a very short period of time! This is very exciting and I ‘just had to’ tell my daughter and best friend about the website. Now I am looking forward to telling everyone I know and hope to see the 100 number soon.

    Mostly I want to have a really good time with this, learn many things, be kind and supportive, engage with others in a positive way, and be successful.

    This is an excellent piece you have written this day Kim. You have such a good strong and gracious writing voice…a credible and open writing voice. Gosh, this comment went long!

    All my best to you.

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    1. Hi Johanna, I am glad you are enjoying your blogging journey as I love to read your posts and hope to read many more. I very much appreciate your comments as I too have been trying to decide exactly what I want to do with my blog – what kind of posts to write and on what subjects etc. At the moment it all feels a bit chaotic and disorganised but maybe that’s okay for now.

      There are topics that mean a lot to me but I have difficulty in knowing how to approach them without coming across as vague or preachy. It is great that I can learn from bloggers such as yourself who write about important subjects in a down to earth and accessible way. Like you, I am just going to focus on enjoying the experience. Thank you for your inspiring words. x


      1. I am going to take Blogging 101 again when it comes around. My site is definitely feeling chaotic to me right now and I need to go back and do a renovation. I know enough now to know what I don’t like about it.

        I thank you for your exchange of ideas and that we are sharing this ‘unfolding of the blog’ experience together.

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  3. incredible quote and what a thought provoking post. I am always conscious that my blog can feel a little superficial, and perhaps guarded. I think I try to keep it fairly positive, I don’t like the idea of turning it into a space where I vent for the fear of it going too much that way, but I often think I have deeper things to contribute that I should at least try to say once in a while. x

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    1. Hi Katie, It is often a balancing act between being open and real, yet not sacrificing your privacy and saying things you later regret. I’ve found it is not easy to find the line that separates these two. Thanks for your comment. Take care x


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