Classical Music Course Update

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electric soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”

~ Ludwig van Beethoven

I am just starting week 6 of this 8 week course ‘Introduction to Classical Music’ online and thought I would give a brief update here.

First of all it is a very intense course with around 16 content rich video lectures of varying lengths each week. So I am sure you can understand that I have not had much time for blogging! But I have to say all the work is well worth it. Craig Wright is able to convey so much information in a down to earth and interesting way, I don’t think it could be bettered. I have learnt so so much in this course so far.

He has taken us from the very beginnings of what music is and how and why we enjoy it, to what music is made from – rhythm, beat, metre, melody, structure, harmony;  we have covered individual instruments to the makings of the symphony orchestra. And then we began the long journey from the start of notated music with Gregorian Chant in the Middle Ages, through the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and currently we are studying the Romantic Period.

This last week we have studied the great (Greatest?) composer Ludwig van Beethoven, with detailed accounts of his life, work and an in depth look at a few of his pieces: The ‘Moonlight’ Sonata, Symphony No. 3 the ‘Eroica’, Symphony No. 5, and the final movement of the 9th Symphony, the famous ‘Ode to Joy’. I love how professor Wright includes fascinating tidbits like pictures of the composers homes, instruments and handwritten music to make their lives vivid to us all these years later.

Here is a taste of his sublime ‘Moonlight’ Sonata to inspire you to greater things. Enjoy!


19 thoughts on “Classical Music Course Update

  1. Beethoven astounds me. I cannot imagine having all that music in your head, and losing the ability to hear it performed.

    But as much as I love Beethoven and appreciate what he did for the symphonic form, I love Tchaikovsky symphonies.

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  2. I certainly enjoy his symphonic works. No1 to 9 are of course magnificent. I like them all. Some of his sonatas are similarly enjoyable. As you point out the “Moonlight” No14 Opus27 C Maj. is sublime.

    As good as/was and is Beethoven. This listener prefers Vivaldi.

    Years ago, my ex. had a parakeet. Whenever we put on Beethoven he would sing his little heart out. Needles to say, we called him Beethoven. The film, with dog of same name came later.

    Thanks for this post … lovely. Cheers Jamie

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  3. I agree. He is a wonderful teacher. I feel I know him. He was also very fond of Bach and Mozart. The course is so varied with the mix of him speaking and playing and the videos with him in a younger edition with his classes at Yale and then he gives us videos fom Utube and animated pieces go music. Thank you again for showing me this course just in time to attend.


      1. Yes I have had some trouble to follow the speed of the weekly lessons. But I am not behind. I have not tried to communicate as I haven’t done any of the quizzes. But I certainly will thank him when it’s over


      2. Yes, it has been hard for me to keep up too. I’ve done several courses with coursera and have to say this one probably has the most content each week, some have a lot less… I’m certainly not complaining though, as I have learnt a lot.

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  4. What a great class Kim. You created such a vivid portrait of it that I am sorry I did not sign up, and I will be looking to be on the waiting list for next time. I am currently doing Environmental Science.
    It certainly has my full attention and is very interesting…but certainly the treat to the senses and mind as what you are doing.

    All my best to you.


  5. I’m sure the course will run again at some point – do take it if you get the chance. Environmental Science sounds like an interesting course – it’s a subject I know little about, but would like to know more. Thanks for your comment Johanna, hope you’re enjoying your weekend 🙂


  6. Bound up with blogging ,growing stuff, family and umpteen things, I don’t have enough music in my life. I am a folkie by heart and recently set up my iPad speakers in my craft hut……. I am still not using it…. Preferring the quiet end of the day. My dad did a course like yours in his nineties. I remember him enthusing about it, not really understanding where he was at. I say’ I see dad’ as I read your post. Also for ‘Ode to Joy’ and ”Moonlight Sonata’ , sweet memories. Thankyou. 💛💙💜💚❤️

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