Daily I am assaulted
with a thousand choices
which? where? what? who? when?
why do I choose what I choose
and how?

a word forms unbidden on a page
and I wonder where it came from
did I pick this word?
or did it fall from the sky like the sycamore seed
a key spinning in the breeze
a gift?

I hold open my hands, palms up
and catch the key as it falls
I hold it close to my heart
a latch clicks
a seed is planted
a birth?

I could have let it drop to the ground
it might have grown in someone else’s garden
we can take or leave what falls
into our hands
but I choose to hold on
I choose to accept this gift
this key to a new home
this new life.

3 thoughts on “Indecision

  1. I find it difficult to comment on poetry, having said that your poem while titled”Indecision” seems to me to move to a resolution in that you do choose. am I correct or is it not possible to say?


    1. Hi Steve, I find it difficult to comment on poetry too – especially my own poor attempts. I think I got a little clearer as I wrote, but then again…

      By the way, how are you getting on with the music course? It’s been a bit tricky to keep up, but I’ve just started the third week’s videos and enjoying it very much. If I have time I’ll write a post about it later in the week.


  2. Not certain what to say except this. Currently I am in the midst of making many decisions that are big ones and have the potential for huge impact. A time when I must trust myself and the Universe to guide me rightly.

    Your poem certainly says it well, Kim. “I choose to accept this gift, this key to a new home, a new life.”

    Thank you so much.

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