Silence is Easy

Do you censor yourself? When you speak? When you write? I do. For as long as I can remember I have kept lots of thoughts to myself. Children should be seen and not heard – that is the generation I come from – it is a mantra I carried into adulthood. Good girls are polite, agreeable and quiet.

As I grew older I kept quiet because I wanted people to like me; I kept quiet because I didn’t want to cause upset or outrage; but mostly I kept quiet because I was afraid.

It wasn’t until I was in my late thirties that I realised that no-one, absolutely no-one really knew me at all.

Silence is easy.​ Silence is easy because it is safe. Speaking out takes courage. Most people including me take the easy route more often than not. Occasionally brave people die when they refuse to be silenced. Most of the time ordinary people die inside because they stay silent.

The Blogging 101 assignment today was to write a post to your dream reader. Well my dream reader would be someone who, like me, might be afraid of saying some of the things they need to say. Things that might make other people not feel so alone, or might help another person speak out against something they see as wrong. I would like to encourage my dream reader, just like I try to encourage myself, to be brave, to take the hard way – to speak out.


17 thoughts on “Silence is Easy

  1. Yes- it has taken me until 45 to almost shake off worry about what people will think of me all the time. It’s so much easier to smile and nod and virtually impossible to remember that not everyone has to like you! unschooling sounds interesting!


    1. Yes… I think a lot of our thinking is habitual and so when we speak and write we have to give special consideration to our words. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Howdy Kim, Thanks for visiting my blog today and giving it the ol’ “like”. Interestingly, or not? We use the same theme on our blogs. Given that today’s assignment was about “love that theme”. It might go to show that a few people love their theme? I understand from reading your posts that you’ve just started the process of writing a blog but you have some experience as a writer? Speaking from experience, one of the good things about growing older is the strength to speak to your beliefs. Perhaps, that comes from internet use too? While I had a computer from mid-eighties, the internet itself is really less than twenty years old for most. There was a time that I used a modem to connect to university sites, through FTP. Anyway, thanks for liking my post today! Cheers, Jamie.


  3. Ah yes, the penscratch theme. A fellow blogger with taste 😉

    I have blogged for a few years now on Blogger, with virtually no readers at all. Beginning here on WordPress was a delightful surprise. A far more active and friendly community. I am very glad I decided to move.

    I too come from the era BI (before Internet), I remember those hiccupy connections and endlessly waiting for a page to load. I think it is so great that young people now grow up with opportunities to express themselves and find like minds where they feel comfortable to talk freely. Thanks for visiting Jamie.


  4. Kim: You said it so well. I am new to this idea of public blogging, and my voice has been silent (and safe!) for so long. This is a time of great excitement and know that I am definitely one of your Dream Readers Thank you.

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