A New Year, A New Blog, A Fresh Start


Hello world and welcome dear reader to the very first post of my new blog. Allow me to introduce myself and tell a little of the reasons why I come here to write.

I’m Kim, a bookish sort, odd and insatiably curious. I live in the south-west of England with my two youngest children – Jay (15), who is ‘unschooled‘, Emily (12), and our black cat Baudelaire. Learning about unschooling has changed our lives immeasurably for the better and I am writing a book about my experiences with school and home education (when I’m not procrastinating by blogging, reading and surfing the internet amongst other things).

I like to create a cosy home; I bake sometimes; I hate clutter but am loath to get rid of a single book. And when I get irritable with piles of dishes to wash and messy floors, or the mould that needs removing from the bathroom ceiling (again), I try very hard to remind myself that it is not forever, nothing is forever, and I try to be grateful for even those things.

I want to slow down and learn to do one thing at a time. I want to take the time to smell roses and watch the ripples on the lake, to lie in the grass in the middle of summer just watching the clouds drift overhead.

Writing is a way for me to let go of a painful and difficult past by focusing on the here and now as much as I can. I want to value this one life, not waste it. Sometimes I get so afraid of wasting it that I am paralysed by fear – utterly stuck – like an ageing tractor rolling its big old tires in the mire and digging a trench beneath itself, sinking deeper and deeper into the squelchy mud. Well, this is my way of pulling myself out, cleaning myself off and moving on.

I suppose I just want to live a well-lived life though I am not at all sure just what that is. And so I write. I write to explore, to discover what I think about things and to be inspired by the lives and words of those who know a heck of a lot more than me.

Writing helps me uncover the truth, or at least my truth. When I write about the small ordinary things – the ‘little wonders’ of an everyday life, I’ve taken time to truly see. I appreciate them and remember them and that feels like a good thing.

So here I’ll write about the books I read, art and crafty projects, growing things in the garden, treasures found in dusty lanes and wild fields, inspiration and ideas to live better, deeper, richer.

I’d love for you to join me for a cup of tea, and we’ll put the world to rights or at least have a darn good try. Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Blog, A Fresh Start

  1. Thank you for sharing so openly. On this assignment i would certainly give you full marks. I look forward to seeing your work and engaging with you on some of the themes you mentioned, like alternatives to modern education, and living a hard life.

    The way I see it, whatever does not kill you just makes you more interesting. And it is truly said that at the core of all humor is pain. That truth was brought home to me hard not long ago.

    It was at a big holiday party with lots of family and close friends, including my daughter, Jenna. The post dinner conversation was lively and good, and I began sharing some “funny” stories about my past. Everyone was enjoying my stories, and the laughter was reaching a belly-clutching, knee-slapping crescendo, when I looked over at Jenna and saw that her face was wet with tears, but not tears of mirth like everyone else.

    When I asked her later why she was crying, she told me that she had never heard many of the stories I had told before, and her love for me was such that she could feel the pain beneath the humor, and it broke her heart.

    Good luck with your writing, classmate. I’ll be keeping an eye on you.


    1. What a lovely comment to get on my first post. Thank you!

      Sometimes I wonder if I mislaid my sense of humour in a cupboard somewhere, way back in the 1990s 😉


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