Strength and Unity

Every year I make this simple wreath to go on the front door. It doesn’t cost a penny to make and takes very little time.

I use a ring shape for the base – this one is left over from an old wreath from years ago, but homeware shops sell the basic ring to make your own.

We collect some greenery to decorate it with: Conifer branches, fir, holly, ivy and any berried twigs will do well.

I arrange them around the ring and wind thin florists wire around them securing it at the back and building it up in layers until I’m happy with the result.

Wreaths are a symbol of strength (the evergreens) and unity (the circle). They are used as decoration all year round in some countries but are particularly fitting, I think, for this festive time as the year comes to an end and a new one is soon beginning.

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