Holistic Parenting ~ #2 Paying Attention

I’m sharing some of the holistic ways of thinking and being that have helped me in my parenting journey. Not because I’m an expert, but because these things have helped me and given me confidence in the natural parenting process.

Pay Attention
Getting to know your children, talking to them, spending a lot of time with them, listening to them, being interested and involved with what they are interested in has made the greatest difference in my relationship with my children. Whether that be video games, make up, my little ponies, motorbikes, Pokemon, mine craft, whatever. If it is important to them, make it important to you. Sometimes this comes easily, sometimes not – I know. But if you make the effort you will not regret it. There is no better way to develop a good relationship with your child. It stands to reason doesn’t it? That if you want to spend time with them, they will know they are a likeable person, hence they will have respect for themselves and a sense of their own self-worth.

“The single most important thing that a child needs from their parent is demonstrable proof of their love. For most children, this comes in the form of their parent’s attention. If you don’t give it to them, they’ll do anything that they can to get it. Naughty or attention seeking children do not behave the way that they do because they are inherently bad, but because they need attention to grow and thrive.”

I think this is just as important, if not more so in my experience, when the children are in their teenage years – they still need that time with you and, as often as you can give it, your undivided attention. When one of my children is behaving in a way that I am not happy with, I have learnt that this always means I need to change something about the way ‘I’ am behaving… I am probably too immersed in my own concerns when I need to focus on their needs more.

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