In the Kitchen

I don’t what it is about the cooler days, but it makes me want to be in the kitchen more baking sweet somethings and then eating them all (with a little help from my children – only a little, mind you). Last week it was chocolate chunk cookies and peach cobbler.
The green courgettes are from the garden, the sunshine yellow courgettes and apples were from my neighbour – how lucky am I to live next door to a gardener with apple trees? He has plum, damson and pear trees too, some of them dangle temptingly over the fence. But, sadly, they are too high to harvest, so fall to the ground and form a brown mush for the insects and animals to feed on.
What am I going to do with this huge pumpkin that has been sitting on my doorstep for the last week? The children didn’t want to carve it this year, which is fine, but now I must find some good recipes. On the US blogs I read, pumpkin is everywhere at the moment. It seems us British just don’t use it that much. I don’t know how many American recipes I have read for using shop bought pumpkin puree, something I’ve never even seen for sale over here. No doubt it’ll turn up soon. Anyone know of some good pumpkin recipes?
Oh, and have you ever tried rolling pastry with flour  all over your hands and a kitten trying to claw its way up your leg? I don’t recommend it, you are liable to get into quite a tizzy – I speak from experience. Here’s a picture of when she’s looking all cute – hmmm. Me? A mischief? – as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!

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