I finished my socks at last!

There is a definite chill in the air. The garden has its yearly blanket of sycamore leaves and my feet have these newly finished socks.

I like this time of year. I like all the seasons actually. They all have their good and not so good points. Usually by the time a season comes to an end, I have had enough of it and I’m ready to move on to the next. This long summer has been particularly good, yet now I’m already pleased to be storing away the garden furniture and tools and heading inside for reading, knitting, writing, painting and other favourite indoorsy things. Maybe blogging a bit more frequently too.

One thing I don’t much care for at this time of year, is how the low afternoon sun glares through the windows illuminating the layers of dust everywhere!

But let’s ignore the dust and tell you about an Autumn tradition that we have enjoyed in past years, and which we have started up once again. Each sunday afternoon in the colder months of the year, Emily and I sit on the living room floor to watch films while making Christmas cards or gifts, knitting or sewing and munching popcorn. The floor is covered in pencils, paper, watercolour paints, glitter (much to the fascination of our new kitten). These festive preparations always used to be done in such a rush in the last few weeks before Christmas. So this is a big improvement. Do you have any similar traditions so the festive period doesn’t catch up with you unawares?

2 thoughts on “I finished my socks at last!

  1. It's 'super soxx colour' made by German company Lang Yarns, (Colour – 0412). I bought it at my local yarn shop, but I couldn't find this shade anywhere online. They do stock other colours here: http://www.wollkontor-erlangen.de/wolle-online/Super-Soxx-Color
    and here:
    It's quite a fine yarn so takes a while to knit up a pair – well, it takes me a long time anyway – but maybe that's just because I'm such a super slow knitter 🙂


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