How much of the world do we miss?

I was watching a film yesterday evening, as I often do. About three quarters of the way through, I heard a car door slam and glanced out the window. The vehicle was pulling away, but what caught my eye was the last few rays of sunlight catching the autumnal branches of the distant trees. The clouds above were charcoal grey, while a small avenue of light beneath the dark sky shone an eerie light upon the leaves, a mustard gold.

And I thought to myself, ‘How beautiful!… I will just watch the rest of this film then I will look again to enjoy it at length.’

But sadly, once the film was over, so, of course, was the sunset. All was now a mere dull grey.

How stupid of me. How stupid to watch a mediocre film over the glory of the setting sun. How many sunsets have I missed, how many moons, how many rainstorms, how many blossoms, how many summer blooms? I know it’s impossible to catch it all. But still, I wonder how much of the world we miss while we’re too busy doing other things?


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