In the Garden

Hello there, back again. I knew I couldn’t stay away for long… there’s something a bit addictive about this blogging thing isn’t there? 
The end of a wonderfully long summer is upon us, though we are still enjoying these last warm days. There has been camping, growing, playing, cycling, walking, weeding, reading, birdwatching (those adorable fledgling blackbirds were so exhausted after their first flight they sat on the lawn for ages. We were quite worried for their welfare!). That rabbit was spotted over the hedge munching away at our neighbours vegetables.
Right now, it is so quiet here. Aside from the occasional whir of the washing machine, I can’t hear a sound. There is no wind, not even a breeze and the sky is a pale grey. I wonder if it’ll rain? I hope not as I want to get out and do some more gardening later. 
Most of the vegetables I planted this year grew well (for a change). Lots of potatoes and courgettes. The sweetcorn and leeks will also soon be on our plates. I have decided to stick with growing just a few varieties that I can rely on. Too often I have put in a lot of effort, only to have a crop decimated by disease, slugs or some other pest. I’m also not going to bother with potatoes next year. They grow well, but they’re just not a good trade for the amount of room on the plot, time spent growing, tending and harvesting they require. Okay, if you’ve got the space for a large potato bed, but here they are very cheap to buy and I think, in my smallish garden, the effort would be better spent with something else. 
I need to cover the kale next time too, it got devoured by the cabbage white caterpillars. Though I did get several meals out of it before the pests arrived – cooked on the hob with a little butter and garlic – delicious. Next year, I might try growing some squash. Butternut maybe? I think it’s habit is fairly similar to the courgettes which seem to like the conditions here. I will stay away from the more delicate salad vegetables – cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes for now. Without a greenhouse and with me not being the most reliable of waterers, ahem, I think it for the best.
The work in the garden is winding down now in preparation for the cooler months. A lot of weeding, cutting back and tidying to be done. I like this time of year though as thoughts turn to more indoor activities. 
I am definitely of the hibernating type. Reading, writing, sewing, knitting, watching films, cooking. If I had a real log fire I would probably never leave the house!  I have resolved to be a little braver this winter though and make myself go outside regularly no matter how cold it gets. Do you have any cosy plans for the cooler months?

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