Inspiration for Lazy Summer Days

The words that often used to ring out through summer holidays “I’m sooo bored”, are rarely heard these days. We still enjoy playing games outside and going for walks and picnics, but I don’t feel the obligation to entertain the children as much as I once did – they are much better at finding things to occupy their time themselves now. While that is partly to do with the available technology and all its ever present wonders, it is also because they are growing up.

This inspires a slight twinge of nostalgia for me – but, thankfully, not one that lingers when I embrace the fact that now I have a lot more time to do the things that I would like to do.

I created a treasury list on etsy – a collection of inspiration for slow summer days: Etsy Treasury: Summer Pastimes

With any luck I will get a chance to pick a few of these ideas over the coming days.

Inspiration List

  • Cycling – Though I don’t have a bicycle of my own, I sometimes ride my daughter’s or walk while she rides. There is a labyrinth of half hidden paths and winding bridal ways through the countryside around here, many of which we have yet to explore.
  • Poetry – Read or memorise a favourite poem perhaps, or take a collection to the park. 
  • Breakfast in the garden – Tea and croissant, or french toast, yoghurt and fruit. Food always tastes better when you eat it outside.
  • Read a Classic – I have a long long list of books I would like to read; I hope to choose at least one of the best and savour it slowly. 
  • Journal – I have long been trying to instil a habit of writing every day. Whether it’s troubles on my mind, the weather, travels, what the children are up to, or thoughts about nature and change, this daily practice has become a lifeline for me; a tether to keep me grounded through life’s turbulence.
  • Home spa – Setting a little time aside for rest and rejuvenation. Meditation, detoxification, clearing mind body and spirit.
  • Recipe cards/book – I must collate all the recipes and magazine cuttings that I use into one book rather than bits and pieces scribbled and stuck together all over the place.
  • Baking – We will do some baking together – I especially want to make more homemade bread.
  • Jam – Blackcurrant, blackberry or apricot. Maybe I’ll make some chutney too.
  • Learn to quilt – This will probably have to wait for another year when I can afford the fabric, but I have long wanted to learn how to hand quilt… maybe I’ll start with just a small project.
  • Paint – The garden and fields are so inspiring at this time of year. The greens, the browns, the soft pinks are calling to me.
  • Learn to spin wool – Maybe I was a shepherdess in some past life, my children are always teasing me about my interest in goats and sheep. I would like to learn to spin wool – it all starts quite simply and cheaply with a drop spindle.
  • Listen to classical music – Calming and uplifting – an antidote to a frazzled world.
  • Knit socks – In preparation for cooler autumn days. I have nearly finished the first of a pair.
  • Naturalist Collection – There’s always some small treasures to find along these country roads – colourful leaves, nuts, seeds, berries.
  • Count your blessings – There are always difficulties, things I don’t want to talk about here because when I dwell on them they bring me down. At these times looking for the good, for the love, for the beautiful is a way that helps me through the more challenging moments. 
May your summer days be long and filled with all the things you’d most like to do.

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