In the Garden

A great-spotted woodpecker has been visiting the garden, though I’m not sure if it is the same one we had last year. I think this one is younger. You can always tell when it’s here by the characteristic  shriek announcing its presence. There is no mistaking it. And it attacks the poor peanut feeder with a great force and determination – as if it were the neighbouring oak.

The flowerbeds are just turning to their most wildest tangle – I shall need to get out there and start cutting back before some of the larger plants take over.

Many of the vegetables are growing very well this year… in part because I resorted to the use of a modest sprinkling of slug pellets now and again. I feel very guilty about using them, but I tried everything else I could in past years. It was that or give up trying to grow anything all together.

It is my first year growing leeks and sweetcorn… so far, so good. The kale is growing very well indeed, I shall pick a few leaves tomorrow. And the courgettes already have several fruit on them. Two of my three cucumbers died a very sudden and unexplained death. I didn’t think they would last to be honest, not without a greenhouse or some other kind of protection. I shall be harvesting potatoes and blackcurrants later in the week.

The peony in the picture above was from a plant transplanted from my mum’s garden over ten years ago. She gave me two – one double flowered and one single. The double blooms year after year without fail, the other one however, had never flowered… until this year that is, so I’m glad to get a picture of this little pink bud emerging.


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