Off the Needles, On the Needles

It seems like a long time since I last knitted anything, several months at least, and I’ve been missing it. Even more so since reading some of the lovely knitty blogs out there. Hot off the needles is this seed stitch headband/small cowl. I wanted to make something first that was quick and easy to get me back into the swing of knitting again, and this was just the thing.

I used acrylic yarn so it doesn’t irritate my skin, and didn’t follow a pattern. Just made it up as I went along. About 35 stitches cast on, then K1, P1 every row until it measured just the right length to go around my head, cast off, then stitched up the join. Super simple.

Next on the needles are socks. Well, the first of a pair anyway. I have got the bug once again it seems. The perfect pastime while sitting in the garden or watching Wimbledon, don’t you think?


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