Tales from the Garden

A weekend spent mostly in the garden 🙂 I have the sorest of fingers where my gloves have worn holes. I must buy some more, they are not much use at all. Thorns and twigs scratch and I don’t notice until the next day when I wake up with scarlet weals along the inside of my forearms, right where the skin is white and most sensitive from never seeing the the sun.

I pulled bunches of the mint which is outgrowing its designated area, as it is wont to do. The white roots are tough as rope and weave in and out of each other beneath the surface. I uncover slick sienna brown slugs hiding tight against the wall where it’s dark and damp.

I try to work at least an hour in the garden each day. There is so much to do, and I’m still learning… like the more often I weed, the less work it is. We haven’t had much rain lately and the ground is dry and cracked on the surface like chapped lips under a mediterranean heat. Though when I dig down the soil there is soft and crumbly. I build it up around the new Virginia stock plants and press firmly before watering in. I imagine their thirsty roots free from the confines of the pot, tendrils unfurling and lengthening into the limitless soil. What a relief it must be to grow unfettered and free.

Elsewhere in the garden the courgette plants are flowering, yellow bulbous sacs, some opening, some still yet closed tight. Emily has been practicing hurdles, jumping over obstacles placed at random all over the lawn. There is a huge patch of dying grass where the tent was last week. It has afforded a feast to a blackbird who has been collecting worms to take back to her young nesting in the hedge. A baby robin came visiting too, very brave he hopped right up to us in his quest for worms. So agile, he bounded around the grass on legs so thin they looked like they might snap in two.


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