Simple Things

~ The art of being happy lies in knowing the value of simple things ~
A few things for which I’m grateful this week:
  • Birthday smiles – May is the birthday month in this house with all three of my children’s birthdays close together. Ages 22, 15 and 12. Where oh where did all those years go?
  • The peony in our garden is flowering. My mum gave me this plant – a transplant from her own garden years ago, and each year it produces a few extra flowers. I managed to take some photographs before the rain drenched their fleeting blooms. They cannot bear much weight before they bow low to the ground in a soggy heap.
  • Watched two brilliant films. Both the kind that linger in your mind for days afterwards. The first was Like Water for Chocolate. I hadn’t, unfortunately, read the book, but I loved the way the magical realism was woven into this film. Set in Mexico, the magical qualities of food entwine with an erotic story of love – a mesmerising feast for both eyes and tastebuds. 
  • The second was Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. Not usually a fan of Allen’s films I was surprised at my enjoyment of this one – one of those that have finished before you realise you’ve been watching for an hour and a half. Subtle and intriguing characters that I felt I’d come to know by the end of the film. It was nice to see a director shine a positive light on ordinary, yet flawed, lives. Handled with a great deal of compassion, I thought. The performances from Kate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins, in fact the entire cast, were simply superb. 
  • Emily has been making vases with wool and old bottles and jars, she got the idea from a video like this one.
  • A pair of collared doves have been frequenting our garden. They are quite shy and usually fly away as soon as they spot me, but I managed to capture them through the (newly cleaned!!) kitchen window.


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